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[Archived] Majiball

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Its not quite chuck norris, but its harder than him!

A true scotsman never tells what is under his kilt. He shows you. But that isn't your cue Maj, keep it down!

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Dear Majiball,

My daughter has lost a tooth and will be putting it under her pillow tonight. Just so you know, the going rate is now a $2 (Australian) coin, and not 20p which it was when I was a lad.

I'll leave a beer out for you.



P.S. You'll get a letter closer to christmas with the list of wished-for presents. No doubt we'll see you at the local shopping centre sitting on a chair surrounded by elves, and we'll have a chat then.


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Once upon a time whilst on the team bus to an away game in the middle of a verbal slagging match steve kean was told Majiball's coming to get you. so paniced by this was Steve Kean that he ran of the bus at the nearest services and in his panic resigned from his job.

Seems legit.

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