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Midfielder On Loan


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Frimpong may go out on loan again or maybe Mcechran from Chelsea, I would have tried for Pogba but looks like he'll be at Juve

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how long untill we are linked to Joe cole, o no wait he still has somthing left to give as a footballer so thats a no go.

That's very cynical hardly, just think of the chicken they can sell in Australia now on the back of this? Think of the World Wide Branding man!

Anyway, Kean putting someone else on trial? Makes a change I suppose.

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Pleasantly surprised with gosling

If they came off him and murphy would have been a huge improvement on what we had this season just gone

I just wish my hatred of what's going on wasn't preventing me from going

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Great point. And not overseas players who take 6 to 12 months to settle.


At least we are trying to improve the team with well known proven players, rather than guys who will take longer to adapt.

Are remaining top quality players(hoilet, givet, nzonzi, yakubu, robinson, martin ollson) will be leaving and players like danny murphy, leon best, harry effin kewell dont exactly fill their boots to say the least, Wake up man, there just trying to get a few cheap "name" players in now to sell more STs and then there will be a mass clear out.

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I don't see all of those players leaving. Who would you replace them with? We are in the championship now, to attract players like Murphy is good.

well you are starting to suffer from the early stages of Venkeanitus, dont worry its not too late too get help.

As many others have stated who we sign isnt relevant whilst kean is manager, he couldnt get the best out of a pencil sharpener and on paper the players he as signed in the past looked very promising initially!

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I am not confident of us signing these players. But, if we do, it would be absolutely fantastic for a championship outfit. I would take harry kewell as a replacement for peds, and not to play alongside him.

I think we should go for 4-3-1-2 next season.






Thats a top 5 team in the championship.(Excluding Kean's influence)

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