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[Archived] Burial Speech

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(Repeat of the message on the other 'Burial' thread)

For the ‘Burial of the Coffin Event’ in just 17 days I desperately need some help from our resident wordsmiths. We believe that the ‘priest’ who gave the ‘sermon’ at the last resurrection and burial of the coffin has relocated to Spain and so far we have been unable to obtain the script of his speech from 1999’s relegation. It consisted of humorous rhyming couplets all to do with Rovers’ fate. However, I’m sure that some of our members and other Rovers fans are talented enough to invent lines of a new sermon for us. Please if you feel any inspiration, post your lines here, which will be taken away and the best contributions will form the sermon on the day.

Incidently, do we have any budding thesps who would like to be the ‘priest’ on the day? If so, please pm me!

To help you with your creativity, I managed to find the beginning and end of the ‘resurrection’ speech from 2001, to give you a flavour of what’s required.

“Look down on your team from the heavens above, be proud Jack Walker for what they have done.

You have come from near and far, to see Blackburn Rovers as they are.

Nothing will stop us, young and old, from celebrating as we have been told.

This team they said was far too slow, did not like it down below.” …

“Preston tried and Preston failed, to climb the mountain that Blackburn scaled."...

"I bless thee in the name of the Bitter, and of the Mild, and of the Holy Lager. Amen.”

(I think we might keep that last line for tradition’s sake)

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I now have the full transcript of the 2001 resurrection 'sermon' by the 'priest', in case it inspires anyone to come up with contributions towards a relegation speech:

Bishop Tuson at the Coffin resurrection July 01

Oh Walker, Jack Walker, Walker.

Look down on your team from the heavens above

Be proud Jack Walker, for what they have done

I bless thee one and all in the name of the bitter, and of the mild, and of the holy lager

This team they said was far too slow, did not like it down below

The humiliation of going down, then came the strength they have found

To ascend the Premier League Blackburn Rovers have returned.

The other teams are nowhere to be seen, for Blackburn surely are the cream

In the wake they are scattered across the land, for Rovers had the upper hand

Preston tried and Preston failed to climb the mountain that Blackburn scaled

Someone said we should not celebrate this tradition we started in 48.

But we shall march on through the Brig and have this day as we always did.

Down Station Road, you know the route, people will cheer it, car horns will hoot

You have come from near, you have come from far, to see Blackburn Rovers as they are

So nothing will stop us, the young and the old, from celebrating as we have been told

Things of kind, tender nursing care, will benefit from your people out there

It all goes to charity from ten pence to a pound, there is nothing comes out and there is not a sound.

From the drivers, the Bishop, the nuns and the band we all do it for free and I think its right grand.

And so we march down this little village down yonder, up there, and back to the Withy’s

There is football tomorrow, and a grand tug of war, it’s on Brownridge field in case you aint heard.

There will be people from far and wide, who come to watch the seven-a-side,

It will be a grand do just like today and for years to come you people will say,

when Blackburn went up to the Premier League, I was in Brig on July the 14.

And what a grand do and what a good show, the coffin was blessed by the Bishop you know.

And forbid that it never go down below.

And so you good people with heads held high walk through the Brig at Blackburn Rovers side.

I bless you all in the name of the bitter and of the mild and of the holy lager, go in peace, enjoy your day.


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