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[Archived] Legends

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Just doing a quick legends team, if anyone can add to the following list of omit some of the players, that would be great. Need another RB, LB, RM and ST

GK: Tim Flowers, Brad Friedel

RB:Lucas Neill

CB:Derek Fazackerley, Colin Hendry, Henning Berg,Ryan Nelsen

LB:Bill Eckersley

CM:Ronnie Clayton, Tim Sherwood, Tugay Kerimoğlu, Stuart Metcalfe

RM:Bryan Douglas,

LM:Damien Duff, Jason Wilcox

ST: Alan Shearer, Chris Sutton, Simon Garner

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I think I would add David Speedie in there too.Although he was only with us for 1 season he was fantastic for us and had a real rapport with the fans.

Right Back would have to be Chris Price what a hero or super atko when he started there until his move into midfield

Don't you mean 'Dicky' Brown? :P

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Here is my alternative or pre - cash team. These are some of my legends I grew up watching and before anyone says it.....I know some of them weren't that good..... but at the time I thought they were.

I think I would add Matt Jansen and (as Bacup Blue posted) Speedie to your list McLove.

GK - Roger Jones/Genoe/Bradshaw

LB - John Bailey

RB - Kevin Hird

CH - Keely/Mail/Oats

CH - Faz/Hawkins

LW - Waggy/Noel/Sellars

RW - Miller/Jonny Price

CM - Simon Barker/Terry Garbett

CM - Stuart Metcalfe/Kendall

Striker - Simon Garner/Andy Kennedy

Striker - Tony Field/Parkes

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