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[Archived] 2012-2013 Premier League Predictions Game

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I will be running a Premier League predictions game for this season. Instead of just predicting the games straight, I will be doing it in the style of American sports betting for Basketball and American Football, because I want to see how people act with a different format than usual. I will set a spread for each game and then you can bet your points taking that spread into account (full example below).

People can join the game at any time. You will start with 1000 points, which can be bet in any amount as long as it is a multiple of 10 (you cannot bet more points for a round of fixtures than you have). For a typical round of fixtures, I will post my spreads shortly after the conclusion of the previous round along with everyone’s updated point balance. You will then have until 23:59 GMT on Friday to make bets for that round so that I have enough time to record everything. Timing for midweek fixtures will be announced closer to those dates. As stated before, bets must be in multiples of 10 and winning bets will pay 9 points for every 10 points wagered.

For each match, I will be designating a team as the favorite (or favourite if you prefer) and the other team as the underdog. I will set a spread which will end in ‘.5’. If the favorite wins the match by more goals than the spread, then those who bet on the favorite win. If the underdog earns a win or draw or loses by less goals than the spread, then those who bet on the underdog win. Here is an example:

Favorite: Lancashire United

Underdog: Franchise Sports Club

Spread: 1.5


Franchise Sports Club wins or draws: Underdog wins

Franchise Sports Club loses by 1 goal: Underdog wins

Franchise Sports Club loses by 2 or more goals: Favorite wins

I will be posting spreads for the first round of fixtures about a week from now to give anyone who needs it some time to ask questions and understand the rules. Post as soon as you are interested in playing so that I can set up as much of the spreadsheets I will use to track bets as possible.

Remember: This is only a predictions game and not actual gambling.

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I probably would not be trying this if we had stayed up.

Here are my spreads for the first week. The deadline to submit picks is 23:59 GMT on Friday, August 17th, even for the Wednesday game. As a reminder, you start with 1000 points and can only place bets in multiples of 10. You cannot apply winnings in Saturday matches to the ones on Sunday, Monday, or Wednesday. I will update everyone's balance in the early hours of Tuesday, August 21st, and post spreads for the next set of fixtures.

Here are the spreads, listed as favorite, margin, and underdog. The team at home is listed in all caps.

Saturday, August 18th:

ARSENAL 2.5 Sunderland

FULHAM 1.5 Norwich


READING .5 Stoke

Liverpool .5 WEST BROM

WEST HAM .5 Aston Villa

NEWCASTLE .5 Tottenham

Sunday, August 19th:

Chelsea 2.5 WIGAN

MANCHESTER City 2.5 Southampton

Monday, August 20th:

Manchester United 1.5 EVERTON

Wednesday, August 22nd:

CHELSEA 2.5 Reading

Post any questions that you have and let me know if I have posted the wrong fixture or have the wrong side listed as home.

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