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[Archived] Book about last 2 years out in August

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I announced on brfcs towards the end of last season that I was bringing out a book entitled "Agents, Rovers and Cricket Loving Owners." Full details can be found at www.rovertaken.co.uk. If you want a taste of what the book is about I have added the chapter about the media to the mailing list welcome message. If anyone else wants a read or if you have any questions just email me at Michael.blackburn@live.co.uk

When details of the book were announced it was the plan to have the book ready for the summer. Unfortunately the release date had to be put back a couple of times. Sincere apologies to those who pre-ordered. I have sent updates to those on the mailing list but in hindsight I should have also posted elsewhere. Sorry. There were a number of reasons for the delay - the main three being legal checks, the decision to include events upto the summer re-shuffle and the subsequent re-edit. The book is now with the printers and I am waiting for the the finished book to come back. The day copies of the book arrive from the printers i have a courier lined up to up to deliver all the blackburn / Darwen / Preston / etc orders and all the rest will go out in the post that day. I will keep everyone updated.

I started very early work on the book about 12 months ago now. At that point the protests were yet to get underway and i was one of many thousand rovers fans who was extremely unhappy about how the summer had gone. I was starting to question what was going on at the club. I am a rovers fan, I live and work in Blackburn and I want rovers to be something my little lad can enjoy, as I have, when he is older. Having spent countless long nights researching and writing this book, I am appalled with how Blackburn rovers is being run. I think all football fans should be aware of the problems that exist. I believe that many of them still exist. The book covers everything from the club being put up for sale to the board room re-shuffle at the end of 2011/12. Many people have contributed to this mess. I don't have half the answers but I have all the questions. I hope rovers fans will like the book and get behind it. I have definitely found that this isn't a problem that can be solved by individuals - multi-millionaires apart. This is something that football fans need to work together on.

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