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[Archived] worst striker you have seen at ewood?

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looking at the modeste thread, i was thinking of strikers we have had at ewood that didn't turn out like an alan shearer, bellamy or a chris sutton, the ones who were disasters

1 kaba diawara was an absolute disaster, came on against rochdale, was so bad souey substituted him.

2. modeste, enough said about him really

3. grabbi, looked bad from the start, remember the game against man utd, should have scored 2

4. martin dahlin. great reputation but looked totally past it at rovers

5. ashley ward, was so bad, in a game against crewe at ewood, their fans were singing, 'you should have stayed at crewe'.

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anyone think nathan blake was bad? i remember being at anfield when scored the winner against liverpool in the fa cup, the only thing he did really

Wasn't that down to Ian Miller going down the wing like a train? Even after he crossed it I thought he had gone on to Goodison! Bit like the cross he put in for Hendry in the full members cup.
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Since I started going in 1987/88 I'd say it's a toss-up between Ashley Ward (on the playing side I felt he was the one most responsible for us going down) and Per Pedersen. I think Pedersen was actually a worse player. Completely out of his depth and there was something wrong with one of his legs. He had never been good enough and was never going to be. Think he cost close to 3 million too...

Dahlin was bad but didn't cost alot and did a couple of good things. Really nice goal vs Barnsley and a good assist vs Liverpool and then he was gone.

Grabbi I thought had something about him but it was never going to work out. He was very good vs West Ham, scored a nice goal vs Everton and did ok vs United but all said and done, he was a disaster of a signing.

Blake. Rubbish but nowhere near as bad as Ward.

Davies was a Jack Walker signing and Roy didn't like him. Was young and joined at a bad time. No excuses for his weight but I thought he was dropped a bit early, especially as we signed dross like Ward and Blake to replace him.

Duncan Shearer was bad but played for us in a decent period so can't be counted.

Goodwillie, he's managed by Steve Kean so there are mitigating circumstances.

Diawara. Pony but had a good debut and we went up that season/he was a loanee so he gets a pass.

Nick Blackman is absolute garbage too and a million miles of being a Premier League or Championship striker...

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In the early 70's we signed a striker (or centre forward as they were then known) from Brentford called John O'Mara for around £30k. A few weeks before I saw him score a couple of goals against us at Griffin Park and thought how good it would be if we had a player like that. It was like Christmas for me when he joined us and I told all my mates about this 'worldie' we had signed. To be blunt he was crap and only managed a few games before the manager (Furphy I think) put him out of his misery.

As a footnote some time later I went with my mates to see a soft porn movie at the Odeon called Three Dimensions of Greta (probably the first 3D film) and Brentford FC was used for some of the scenes. One of the actors mentioned Big John O'Mara in his lines and my mates reminded me of how bad he was again.

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