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[Archived] So where are we now?

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All I want is to support my home town club this season as I have done religiously since 1966. Despite all the ups and downs over the years, this is the only time I have decided not to go and it's killing me to be honest and I've only missed 3 games.

Fuxx Kean, Agnew, Shaw, Anderson and any other parasite that has leached onto our club.

I purposely left out Venkys for now but I just wish Rovers fans could unite once again as one. Life's about differing opinions but between 3pm and 4.45pm on a Saturday we should all be as one.

FFS why couldn't Venkys get the 2 Ians onboard, get rid of the abject failure, and invest as they have?

To return to the original post, are we still a rudderless ship with a bounty aboard?

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