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[Archived] Poetic Update

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It is what we wish for all involved, clean slate, Big V’s –fresh start,

At Ewood, we’ve opened up our chicken outlet –

Venkys - Xpress Your Heart.

A place to chew on all the bones, to swallow all our sh#t,

We state we are a decent breed, our criteria quite fit.

Our little cluckers - we give them names like, “Anderson the Brute!”

But our favourite bird is “Kean the Turd” – he really is a beaut.

Although a c0ck, who many mock, he’s dodged the local plucker.

His cutest trick, to cluck they’re thick, alleged Big Sam - a sucker.

His neck fattens out, with an ugly pout, corn fed excitement ahead!

Leonard Venkhater, a soulful man, wishes this chicken was dead.

We are spending cash, some think quite rash, no chicken on the Bunn?

Portugal is our breeding ground now, plenty feeding been done.

A place where Kean spouts fluent sh#t, to buy up little chicks

“I can spot the talent he’s says.” Wipe head, look shifty, lick lips.

Some older birds, with bandy legs Gomes, Murphy & Dunn.

These wise old cluckers, can guide the chicks – but can they play as one?

We’ve got the chickens to score loads of goals. Leon is the Best

And Kean still states “I’m the man, I’m wiser than the rest!”

Then why did the chicken cross the Rhodes? To show we have some clout,

But motives on the chicken run, there is still plenty of doubt,

The favoured dish, served to fans - confused chicken supreme.

No more for me, I’ve had my fill, Kean sacked is still my dream.

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