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[Archived] Premier League Under 21's


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My mates son played for Bolton. His dad told me Rovers were by far the better team.

Not really the two central midfield Bolton lads had the better of our two central lads, but their forward line wasnt too brilliant. Their back four coped with our attack with the exception of Nunes, but Edinho was your complete missing forward on the pitch, there but yet nowhere to be seen, hence the no goals for Bolton and no goals for Blackburn.

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How did the polish loanee play in goal??

Did what was asked of him in what was a low key game for chances created, made one good save low to his right in the first half and a couple more in the second half. Just one mix up when he came for a Bolton punt down the centre and the centre half back peddled heading it away but straight to a Bolton striker who shot at goal but missed.

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