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[Archived] Another New Feature! Easy-Start Blogs


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For quite some time now we've offered full-on super-powerful mini-site blogs for BRFCS users. These are great for people needing all the bells and whistles (such as the BRANZ and New York Rovers supporters groups) or high traffic blogs (such as Glen's), but frankly they were way too complex and confusing for people more used to the forum who just wanted a simple blog.

So, we now have an alternative, you can now write your own blogs from right inside the forum and common forum features such as replies and reporting work there too. It's just like making a forum post, only in your own little section.

To create your blog, simply click the little drop down arrow next to your forum name in the top right of any part of the forum, then select Manage Blogs, from here you can create your own blogs (or add entries to an existing one).

If you want to view people's blog, then select the Blogs link at the top of each page, followed by "More BRFCS Hosted Blogs".

The rules for blog posts are just the same as forum and we'll try and feature the best ones on the front page.

This is a new feature, so all feedback is welcome.

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A good question. Unless somebody wants to put up a good counter agrument, I'd say general football is great, but we should stay away from "today I have peas for lunch" and "Michael Gove is a knob" type blogging and stick to things at least vaguely football related.

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