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[Archived] GAME THREAD - Barnsley home 12/13


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Just a placeholder thread really so people can discuss tonight's game seeing as are still awaiting the preview

In the meantime i'll leave you with a picture of Ashley Ward


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I think Gomes might be rested for this one, with CKR coming back in. I doubt Gomes can play 3 games in 6 days.

CKR sounds eager to get back into the team on twitter.

hopefully we'll get a much needed clean sheet and Rhodes continues to score.

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Too skint to go to the next two matches which i'm pretty gutted about. I'll go for a three - one. Hopefully the defence can start matching our attacking performances and we'll get a clean sheet but I can't see it happening.

Wouldn't mind resting Gomes for this one either. Don't think we'll start with Rochina because he can be a liability (despite his two goals from the sub's bench) so think we'll start with Dunn there. Hopefully we'll see Richards on a wing.

Thought CKR was still injured ?

Thought I heard someone say he was out for a few more weeks too but OJ convinced me otherwise.

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Despite our decent results, I still don't think we've fielded our strongest first 11 yet this season:


Bruno Hanley Givet Henley

CKR Etuhu Murphy Martin O



Injuries might prevent the defence lining up like that but when everyone's fit it would be nice to see the pace of CKR/Olsson out wide instead of the much more pedestrian Pedersen and Lowe.

Should really be 3 easy points (with our squad comparative to the rest of the division most games should be) however the Kean-effect can always be relied upon to throw a spanner in the works somewhere, be it team selection, tactics, or subs. ;)

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I recently watched Brighton play Barnsley at the Amex. Barnsley were woeful. It was 5 1 to Brighton. But could easily have been 8. I think Rovers going forward are far better than Brighton - though Brighton are better in defence. I still expect an easy win for rovers.

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We should probably use this an opportunity to rest some of the players.


Orr Dann Hanley Olsson

Formica Etuhu Dunn Pedersen

Rochina Rhodes

There is no way Gomes or Murphy can play every game this season. I would have put Vukcevic but I know that wouldn't happen, so Formica is the next best thing in the absence of CKR (who really shouldn't be rushed back for Barnsley at home).

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I toyed wth the idea Den, even n the back of a free ticket BUT just couldnt muster the interest.

Yes, I want Rovers to win and win handsomely however I fell the team will concede as they dont know how to defend. I think it might be closer than some think. Bartnsley will come to frustrate and hit on the break and it will mean Rovers will be wide open down the flanks and middle.

I wouldnt play Bruno I would swap him for Lowe or Orr. He clearly isnt good enough for a sustained run in the team.

I would go


Lowe Hanley Dann Olsson

Vukcevic Etuhu Murphy Pederson

Rhodes Rochina

Subs Gomes Dunn Orr Henrique Formica Rosado Henley Kean

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