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[Archived] I just want to get back to enjoying watching The Rovers

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The last 2 years have seen a shambolic running of the club for whatever reason all well documented.

For all but the last 2 years, in my 45 years of support for the club, there has always been ups and downs but supporters have always been as one. Dependant on the teams success, the numbers often differed but it was always pleasurable home or away because we were all as one.

I guess I'm living in cloud cuckoo land but if Balaji and co. Finally see sense and really harness our culture and heritage and rid us of any parasite that have no concern for what I and many more hold dear, we may perhaps revisit what is really important to us and enjoy unity in the common cause that we grew up with. Theres no better feeling than being in a crowd of several thousand Rovers fans away cheering the team on.

The debate not being the crap we have had to endure. It should be about team selection, why and how such and such played etc.

FFS please get it sorted

We Are The Rovers! Says it all IMO

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I agree wholeheartedly. I hope we get absolutely battered on Saturday, because everyone apart from the fans deserves it. And it just proves that Kean isn't up to it.

Never enjoyed supporting the team less, and the last two days have absolutely ruined me. There is no enthusiasm for the club I love(d). I think Rovers are dead and there's nothing we can do. Ruined by a fat ugly Scottish ####. Wish he just died or something, absolute scummer. And no, I don't think wishing death on him is excessive. The man has destroyed the one thing I love.

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I will never ever wish the team to lose either. However, Venkys do not understand that people in this town live and breathe for this club and that they are actually ruining peoples lives.

Some people only have Blackburn Rovers on a Saturday and the need to enjoy going to see them play at Ewood. Unfortunately over the past 2 years this has become impossible as everything that surrounds the clubs off the field (apart from the supporters) is dodgy!

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This topic should be pinned, added to and sent, via Shebby, to Mrs. D.

Just for the record, Mrs D knows our heritage having read my copy of Harry Berry's 'a century of soccer' and duly signed the book.

Unfortunately it would appear that it doesn't count for much does it?

Mrs D. please do the honorable and sensible thing, get rid and start again!!

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