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[Archived] Boycott the wolves game............

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The latest fiascos have gone beyond human patience,for one game only would the season ticket holders and walk ons consider boycotting the wolves game?.

We are not going to be congregating around the ground,in recent times with the protests it as caused animosity between fans,all im asking is;boycott the game however you feel comfortable with,if you feel like meeting in a selected pub then by all means....we need to show these owners we have had enough of being played the fools....i like to thank all of you for taking time out to read my post...

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just posted this in the "is a mass protest possible" page

I agree that time has come for a mass protest outside ewood..

i have attended 5 of the 7 league games this season, and have purchased a season ticket

but now is the time for everybody to unite, and boycott the Wolves game and show the owners enough is enough

an empty stadium will say a thousand words..

personally, i think as many people as possible should go down to the ground but not enter it.

protest - chant - shout whatever

this idea should be advertised in whatever medium is possible in advance of the game by all the various action & protest goups - show a united front. this means adverts in the LET, blogs, twitter, forums etc etc

even leaflets outside of the ground

however, what i would stress, is that if anybody wanted to enter the ground to watch, then let them do so with no fuss, or action.

whatever protest must be peacefull

we have enough enemies at the moment without creating more

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