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[Archived] Rovers Rebirth


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Just a quick post to say that until there is somebody else sat in the managers chair on a full-time basis we need to make sure that we are true to our word and have to back Rovers in great numbers throughout Kean's absence. We know how he and his team will spin things to save their well-paid jobs, so we desperately need to get a 20k gate for the Wolves game and have a party atmosphere - otherwise it isn't beyond the realms of possibility that he could build ammo and rear his ugly head again at Ewood. So let's turn up in numbers, have fun and no matter what the outcome, show our support for every player.

If we do have a massive surge in attendance I'd love to hear this song blared out of the PA system instead of that dreary song before kick off:


The chorus would make a great chant too! Also, if it's party time (as it bloody should be) cast your minds back to 'Tugay Day' and let's have a pisstakin 'Shebby Day':


Should only cost a few quid!

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