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[Archived] Message to Venkys,Shebby,Shaw etc


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For the first time in nearly 2years,you have a chance to bring the fans and the owners together and get this football club back to where we belong.You have one chance only to replace Kean with a respected football guy, who has passion and a proper football brain,and that rules out people like Black who never seems to get very passionate on the sidelines,Holloway,Karl Robinson even big Mick Mcarthy someone of that type is who you need.

The next thing the owners need to do is get full page adverts in the Lancashire Telegraph as soon as possible asking the fans to renew their season tickets and admit their mistakes and start afresh and try to get a good relationship with the the fans.

Finally,as we all know there could be 60/70 million up for grabs next season if we go up,and Venkys should go down the lines of what Burnley did a couple of years ago and say everyone who has a season ticket this year,will get a free one next season if we go up,if that happened we would be back to 20000 plus this season.Once again you have one chance go for it !! COYB.

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Good shout Unsall, its well known that to date Venkys havent really grasped the idea of what the fans mean to the club and vice versa. Now its up to them and them alone to make amends. The supporters are clearly having their say by purchasing tickets and I am interested to see what impact KEANSCUMS resignation has on the gate for the next home game. That will or should send the right kind of message that will impact on the family and lay to rest the ghost of that idiot KEANSCUM.

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Yep, this is their chance to put things right, admit some shortcomings & get the fans back.

I still can't decide if I'm more excited than worried about the future.

As for a free ticket next year, that was a daft dingle idea. I don't mind paying to watch my team, so long as the owners & manager are not treating us like dog dirt.

Start putting it right Venkys.

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Good post, not confident at all they'll do the right thing, though.

I think it very much depends on how much Desai is involved. She backed her wee Stevie right until the bitter end, and wouldn't let her brothers sack him. She's shown she has no sense whatsoever when it comes to football, and if she's involved in any way in the decision process I fear for the next appointment.

If it's left up to Balaji, Venkatesh and Shebby then we may get a decent manager in. They seem far more willing to look at things from a proper footballing perspective. Shebby might be a bit of a moron but nonetheless he'll know who is and is not a good manager. Balaji will similarly have his own ideas, and knowing him he'll be aiming high. Whether he'll be allowed to spend the type of money I'm sure he'd like to spend is another thing entirely.

Interesting times ahead, at the very least.

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Dear Rao's, please appoint me as chairman of Rovers and give me full control of all aspects of the club.

I run my own successful business and I am a family man with good values. I will appoint the right manager, bring in the marketing expertise required to increase revenue, and I will make all the fans/customers our NUMBER 1 PRIORITY.



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