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[Archived] Henry Winter Article


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It may have got a mention elsewhere, but this is an excellent Henry Winter article. His interview on the radio was good, but it's nice to see a major paper putting in a good story about us. He's defended the fans the entire time and deserves a lot of credit for being possibly the only major journalist who has really got this story right.


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Great stuff.

It has been reassuring to have such an intelligent, eloquent and respected journalist understand our plight and fight our corner against less talented, more bellicose hacks and low rent broadcasters.

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Did you read his sycophantic Coyle articles?

Cant say that I did. I doubt I would like or agree with everything Henry Winter has written/said but in general I've more often than not enjoyed his stuff. He has been fairly steadfast in his support of Rovers' fans struggle so I suppose that helps as well.

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