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[Archived] So Winter or Summer

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So do we disrupt the whole of football just to accomadate FIFA deciding they wanted loads of wonga? Teams will need prep time together normally just under a month, then a month for the competition as well and then straight back to the season. Also remember you'd most likely have to adjust two seasons on top of the one its being played in as you'll be starting earlier and later. You'll also have the euro's either side as well so some players could end up doing over 4 seasons with out proper rest period. And all this to bring football to the globe, sorry to places were they have loads of money and oil.

If Platini gets in after Splatter it will be game on for sure and De boers commenst show that just like his namesake the boar he loves delving his nose in the brown stuff.


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Yet again, Platini talking crap. I don't think he's ever once opened his mouth and I've thought "Hmm, yes Michel, you might have a point there". Total prick, hope he doesn't ever run FIFA. He's talked about making it a non-contact sport before, he would be a disaster.

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