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[Archived] Derby County v Blackburn Rovers Review

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Derby County v Blackburn Rovers 20 Oct 2012 3.00pm

When I first agreed to do this review a few months ago I stated that I hoped we would have a new manager in charge by the time we played Derby County. As I write this we are still no nearer to replacing the total buffoon who got us relegated and my son and I have decided not to renew our season tickets (my season ticket held 30 years!) until we know who will take over.

We have been enjoying travelling to away games although the performances have been terrible as you all know.

The away support this year has been brilliant and even though a lot of supporters are only going as a protest I hope they keep going as it makes for a great atmosphere.

We are going to this game as guests of some friends from Derby—5 Rovers fans and 5 Derby fans and are staying on Pride Park Saturday night with a night in Derby planned so let’s hope we are celebrating a stylish victory! (OK just a victory will do)

With the right man in charge this is a fixture that I would have hoped to get a result from but at the moment I am not so confident. Derby have had mixed results this season 3 wins, 3 losses and 4 draws and are 3 points behind us in 13th place.

Club History

Derby County are another founder member of the Football League.

Founded in 1884 as part of Derbyshire Cricket Club to give members and supporters something to do in the winter.

Their first ground was the County Cricket ground also known as the Racecourse ground, this was followed by a move to the more familiar Baseball ground in 1895 and finally to Pride Park in 1997. They remain the only club to host an international game on 3 separate home grounds.

The Racecourse ground was the first ground outside London to hold an FA Cup final when in 1886 the mighty Blackburn Rovers beat W.B.A 2-0 in the FA Cup final replay.

They adopted their black and white colours in the 1890,s which would have been no surprise as their original colours were amber, chocolate and blue (nice!)

The nickname “The Rams” was taken as a tribute to its links with the 1st regiment of the Derby militia who used a ram as its mascot.

Playing history

Derby were one of many teams to close down during the war which eventually led them to relegation in 1953 after nearly 30 years in the top flight and again in 1955 when they dropped to the old 3rd division and although they gained promotion back to the second division in 1957 they were to remain there for another decade.

The turning point came in 1967 when Brian Clough and Peter Taylor took over.

They immediately signed Dave Mackay and with his influence on the pitch they were promoted in 1969.

Having finished 4th in 1970 they were banned from competing in Europe due to financial irregularities.

They won the 1st division in 1972.

The failed to retain the title the following year but did get to the semi final of the European Cup beaten by Juventus among allegations Juventus had bribed the referee.

Cloughie called the Italians “cheating keans” and this was one of his frequent outspoken comments that eventually led to him falling out with the board.

Clough and Taylor left in 1973.

They won the league again under the management of Dave Mackay in 1974-75

In the late 70,s the club was in decline resulting in 2 relegations followed by a revival resulting in a 2nd place finish to gain a place in the Premier league in 1995.

They were to stay in the top flight for six years until relegation in 2002.

Relegation resulted in serious financial trouble until they were put into receivership in 2003.

They returned to the Premier league in 2007 and were duly relegated breaking several records on the way.

Although Brian Clough fell out with the directors in 1973 the supporters still worshipped Cloughie and when the club moved to Pride Park more than 30 years later a statue of him with Peter Taylor was erected outside the stadium.


Rovers have played Derby County 120 times in competitive matches with 58 games at Ewood and 62 away from home.

Rovers have easily come out on top with 51 victories 31 draws and 38 losses with a goal difference of 214 scored and 191 conceded.

Our away record is not so good with 17 wins 26 defeats and 19 draws.

There have been quite a few high scoring games between the two clubs over the years.

13 games have finished with 5 or more goals scored between them.

Derby’s highest score was an 8-5 victory over us in 1890, however in the return fixture Rovers got their revenge with an 8-0 victory!.

Simon Garner scored all 5 goals when we beat them 5-1 at Ewood in 1983/84.

Garner also scored more goals against Derby (12 in all) than any other club.


Several players are linked between the two clubs including Frank Feilding the present keeper.

Other players include Jay Mceveley, Christian Dailly, Lars Bohinen, Andy Todd, Lee Carsley and Robbie Savage.

Rovers tried to sign Craig Short from Nott’s County at the beginning of 1992/93 season but instead he signed for

Derby County for £2.5 million becoming the most expensive player signed outside the top division and the most expensive defender in all divisions-- a record held for 5 years.


Derby are well known as being a really well supported club.

This season their lowest attendance was 20,063 and to date the highest was 28,707

Pride Park holds 33,597

Last year the average attendance was 26,020

Derby has 3 main rivals with Nottingham Forest being the sworn enemy.

Nottingham is 14 miles away and the rivalry was intensified when Brian Clough took over at Forest.

Each year the winner of the derby is awarded the Brian Clough Trophy

Leicester City are second due purely to geography.

Surprisingly they count Leeds United as their 3rd main rivals, this stems from the hostility between Brian Clough and Don Revie in the early 70,s this was well documented in the film The Damned United.


Derby County hold several records in recent history that they would sooner forget.

They went almost 1 year in the Premier League from Sep-07- Sep-08 without a win.

In the same year they recorded 1 home win and 0 away wins.

They hold the record for most defeats in a season –29

Fewest points gained -11

Fewest goals scored – 20

Worst goal difference – minus 69

They also hold the record for the biggest defeat in a cup final 0-6 to Bury in 1903.


Although Derby has had a mixed start to the season they seem to have stabilised. According to the 5 friends in Derby Nigel Clough has got the team playing as a unit and look ready to give a team a hiding!

3 of the Derby fans have gone for a 2-1 victory.

1 for a 3-1 victory.

1 for a 1-1 draw.

A lot depends on whether we have a new manager in place but I fear even if a new man is in charge before weekend he won’t have enough time to change our lack of fitness, lack of shape, lack of ideas or change our negative tactics.

One of the Derby fans we are going with is the kit man’s brother and tells us Nigel Clough will not accept any “big time charlies” something he obviously picked up from his dad and they have a very strict wage policy.

Time will tell if this or Shebby,s throw everything at promotion tactics will work.

I cannot see beyond a draw and predict 2-2 but live in hope of the stylish victory we crave and hope to paint the city blue and white come Saturday night.

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Great preview, tid.

I really don't know what to make of this fixture; I listened to the commentary of a recent Derby game on Radio 5 and they sounded to be a good team in a false position.

I don't hold out any great hopes for us, especially if Shebby & the Raos haven't got their act together and appointed a new manager in time to have some effect on preparation for this game.

What are the odds on Fielding having a blinder against us? It pains me to say it, but I fear a defeat by the odd goal in three.

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Odd game this one. With a new manager not looking any nearer and eric blacks chances likely faded think we are going to get another nothing game. Will all hinge on if derby are up for it as to whether we will get anything. Got a feeling we might see the return of the flat back 4 in this game.

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Cant see anything other than a loss due to the ineffectness of the current regime and their indecisive managment.

2-1 Derby

Great memories of the second leg play off semi, ONE LEADER Kevin Moran legend

What we'd give for another Kevin Moran at this moment. That goal at Derby sums it all up, plenty of guys were nearer to that hanging ball than Kevin Moran but only one man was going to win the header.

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A first class match preview.

My score prediction is 3 -1 to Derby. We are extremely fortunate to have the points that we have IMO.

Shebby's already got his tracksuit and will undoubtedly embarrass us further by having an influence on team selection.

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A very good preview. In my opinion the 2 legged play off semi final with derby in 92 was the best game (s) I have seen in my 24 years of watching rovers. Albeit I didn't go to the baseball ground, but watched it on the big screen at ewood. I still get goosebumps watching the Kevin Moran header. I wish I had gone to the baseball ground, it looked a cool ground, far better than the mundane retail park they have now.

Anyway it says all how unenthused I am about the forthcoming game when I'd rather talk about the above. The elation of kean going has very quickly waned

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Fantastic SG194

I remember it well. Great days......haw the Venkys idiots have stuffed us up.

Where's everyone going before the game?

Morrisons in Leyland doing my Mothers shopping, can't bring myself to watch s**t

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A very good preview. In my opinion the 2 legged play off semi final with derby in 92 was the best game (s) I have seen in my 24 years of watching rovers. Albeit I didn't go to the baseball ground, but watched it on the big screen at ewood. I still get goosebumps watching the Kevin Moran header. I wish I had gone to the baseball ground, it looked a cool ground, far better than the mundane retail park they have now.

Anyway it says all how unenthused I am about the forthcoming game when I'd rather talk about the above. The elation of kean going has very quickly waned

I remember the game at the Baseball Ground well. Four of us Rovers fans from Southport sat in the Derby end above the Rovers fans when Moran scored......absolute hell and violence.

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In my opinion the 2 legged play off semi final with derby in 92 was the best game (s) I have seen in my 24 years of watching rovers.

Definately. Most exciting game ever at Ewood and most tense at their place. Without a new manager bounce I can see us drifting to a 2-0 defeat on Saturday. The players will be as flat as everyone on here is about the situation.

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Really beginning to regret getting tickets to this one now.

I was convinced that we'd have the new man in by now (why wouldn't we have?) and confidence would be sky high in the squad. New starts for players, chance to impress the new boss etc. It will however be Eric Black in charge who has mustered one goal and three shots on target in three games.

I can see more of the same on Saturday. A group of overpaid, underperforming players being managed by a man who doesn't know if he'll still be here from one hour to the next.

Derby 2 Rovers 0

The pressure on Shebby/Venkys come Saturday evening will be enormous.

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I thought going to Derby would see us sing in the new gaffer, to finally turn the club around. Now, i'm predicting a much more drab affair if recent form is to be taken into account.

What was so disappointing against Wolves was the total lack of any attacking approach. Apart from 'keep the ball as much as you can' and 'defend like your life is on the line', we were pretty much clueless and I really didn't expect such lacklustre effort from the players either.

I am optimistic though and if Eric Black is allowed to pick the team this time rather than complaining about players on the bench that he can't use, there is the potential to turn them over.

I'm going 0 - 1 to Rovers, frustrated players on ours side, Derby not great recently....can't see many chances.

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A drab 1-1 here.

Back to better times...I'd never before seen 3 sides of Ewood bouncing before until that 1st leg play off..what an atmosphere!

Didn't Speedie receive several kicks up the backside after the final whistle at the Baseball ground as the home fans invaded the pitch?....was one of the estimated 10,000 or so at Ewood watching on the big screen that night.

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