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[Archived] Sky plus hd box

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I'd like to buy a sky hd box (can't go through sky as it is for abroad). It costs about 600 euros to buy it in France, so instead I am looking to buy it from a store/online in the uk. Any tips on the best place to get it? I assume that it is not complicated to set-up?

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Yep, I'd buy it from ebay. It's easy enough to set up. Point your dish at 28.2 degrees east, run 2 cables from the LNB to the box and away you go.

Of course thats the easy part and will get you all the free to air channels (depending on how big your dish is and where you are located). After that, if you want all the subscription channels, you will need to pay sky and have a UK billing address.

You can also buy new receivers from any most satellite firms. Cost between £200-£300 depending on Hard drive size. Again you will still need to pay for a valid subscription.

Also remember that wit Sky boxes, you will need a minimum subscription for the PVR functions to work.

Are you after a proper sky subscription or just access to UK free to view channels? If the latter, its probably cheaper long term to buy a freesat HD receiver.

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Again, depends how much HDD space you want. Don't like the used one as it doesn't say the size at all. £140 seems quite a good price for a 500gb one. The retailers I've just looked at have them for £180 ish.

is this something that can be used outside of the UK? Im talking just the free channels?

Sky HD boxes can be used outside the UK, but only really within northern to central europe and even then you need a fairly big dish. Sky receivers are locked to only pick up signals coming from the Astra satellites pointing over the UK.

You need a generic satellite receiver that can be tuned and have its own EPG for use on other satellites. The VU+ or other Linux based receivers are great for opening up all manner of things.

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