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[Archived] F. A Cup

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Crystal Palace v Stoke City

Brighton v Newcastle United

Tottenham v Coventry City

Wigan Athletic v Bournemouth

Fulham v Blackpool

Aston Villa v Ipswich Town

Charlton Athletic v Huddersfield

Barrow or Macclesfield v Cardiff City

Barnsley v Burnley

Manchester City v Watford

Swansea City v Arsenal

Leicester City v Burton Albion

Millwall v Preston

Cheltenham or Hereford v Everton

Derby County v Tranmere

Crawley Town v Reading

Aldershot v Rotherham United or Notts County

Middlesbrough v Harrogate Town or Hastings United

Accrington Stanley or Oxford United v Sheffield United

Southampton v Chelsea

QPR v West Brom

Peterborough United v Norwich

Lincoln or Mansfield v Liverpool

Bolton Wanderers v Sunderland

Nottingham Forest v Oldham Athletic

West Ham v Manchester United

Hull City v Alfreton Town or Leyton Orient

Blackburn Rovers v Bristol City

Leeds United v Birmingham City

Bury or Southend v Bradford or Brentford

Luton Town v Wolves

Sheffield Wednesday v MK Dons

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Doubt they will open the Darwen End for this one, so I will not be there. Was awful sat down in silence when we had to re-locate elsewhere for the Sheff Wed game!

To be honest, i'm not really interested in the FA Cup at this stage, although I do usually attend them.

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Bit of a poor draw, not a top team, and not even a minnow, abit boring.

Hope tickets are priced VERY cheap....REALLY wish the club would try FREE entry for Kids under 14

I think there is a minimum price clubs have to charge which is set by the FA for this competition...

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I read somewhere he had made a comment to that effect with promotion being the only interest

Can't necessarily argue with that.... if we were flying high in the league.

If this season quickly turns into a write-off, then a cup run might be our only solace.

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No thanks

I know the clubs hands are tied but not paying more than a tenner for it

Not really Tom. I was looking up the rules of the competition as I was unsure...

"Immediately after the draw is known, the Club playing at home shall decide on the

prices of admission, subject to a minimum price of £10.00 for all spectators other than


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Season ticket holders - adult £15.00, Young Adult/Senior £9.00, Junior £4.00

Non ST holders - adult £20.00, Senior £12.00, Junior £5.00

£20 !!!

Are they taking the Kean. Even £15 is bad enough.

It will be guess the gate.....what do you reckon: 3,000 perhaps?

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As the club already give us cheap tickets then 15 quid is fairly reasonable. Also we have to consider both clubs have to agree on the pricing, and if no agreement can be made it ends up being the normal ticket price.

That's not the case Ste - the home club decides on the price. I thought the same as you but have been on the FA website and looked up the rules. The minimum they have to charge is £10.00 which I think would have been sensible considering our current situation.

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