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Flag for sale, unused.


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Tbh I'm not a Rovers fan ( Shrewsbury town) but I found a flag in a cupboard at work that had been there for at least 6 years. No idea where it came from but it deserves a good home and is unused. Nice design.


Hope someone fancies it. It will help fund me going to watch Salop which is £20 these days. :-(


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Aye it was. Didn't work though. Only a matter of time until Rovers return to Shrewsbury, a team with a similar sized following! ;-)

Tbh, our new ground is sh!t compared to the gay meadow.

If you'd found this 2 or 3 years ago you may have had more bids, but now I'm not surprised it didn't garner more bids.

As I sit next to a salop fan at work I already know how much more you have to pay to watch football than we do. And I also know that your team are doing their best to make sure we at least don't play you next season no matter how badly we do.

By the way I did participate in your vote for the new stadium's name, although my suggestion "The Gayer Meadow" somehow didn't make the shortlist. Oh well, I tried ;-)

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I started watching Salopia in the 80s and I seem to remember that Rovers were usually watched by about 8000 at home matches, similar to my team these days. Your crowds are dropping steadily whilst ours continue to grow; we may swap divisional places in a year or two.

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