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[Archived] BRFCS Podcast #51

Guest Wen Y Hu

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Guest Wen Y Hu

In BRFCS Podcast 51 news editor Paul joins editor Wen Y Hu to discuss the Blackpool match, global advisor Shebby Singh's appearance on BBC Radio Lancashire last Wednesday in a Q&A session with Rovers' fans, and the latest on the Rovers Trust.

The podcast is published to the front page here.

It is also available via the following link. Just paste the link into your browser address bar.

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question for paul; during the programme for the shebby q&a it was stated after a break that it got quite heated, what was said in general?

Here is my reply to roughly the same question in the Radio Lancs thread

Yes, certainly. I thought Andy made a bit much of it really. The guy in front of me engaged Shebby in a conversation about trust. Basically the fan said you have to give us reason to trust you and the owners. responded what would make you trust us, you have to tell me. It went back and forth like that a few times. It wasn't heated just two people trying to get their point across to each other at the same time. I'm sure we've all heard similar conversations.

Andy said he wished it had been recorded as it showed the passion involved. I see his point but if the whole programme had gone that way it would have been very difficult for the listeners.

It wasn't a big deal, no shouting match or anything like that. Andy certainly wasn't ruffled in the studio - though he did have a problem with his Twitter feed just as we went back on air - so it's interesting to me it sounded so on the radio.

As today has gone by and I read the MB it's apparent to me what is said in the studio comes over differently on the radio. I think it's because the body language is missing.

is it true that Shebby told Andy Bayes and the fans there that Kevin MacDonald was coming in as coach?

No. At least I didn't hear him say anything remotely connected with the appointment of anyone.

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Great podcast. Many thanks to Paul for your summing up of the Blackpool match and your comments on the Singh Q&A session;

particularly your thoughts on the match, individual players' performances and the manager's performance.

Much appreciated.

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