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[Archived] Independent Financial Advisors/Wealth Managers

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Can anyone out there give an opinion on their IFA please?

I have been using Towry Law and am less than impressed with their performance and charges, even taking into account the state of the markets.

I prefer the idea of a local IFA who has to work hard with clients to achieve good performance. Thanks.

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Don't use an IFA. Do your own research and trust your own judgment and you are likely to have better returns than the so-called professionals - and without their onerous charges.

I'll go along with that. A pal of mine gotten taken by a IFA for £ 100 k a while ago. His wife got taken for £ 30 k, this was her pension lump sum. The guy had a gambling problem and had defrauded over £ 1,500,000. from various sources. He got 3 or 4 years jail time.

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