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[Archived] venkys message to all rovers fans

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Surely if Venky's apologised for their mistakes, people would say it is too little too late.

They're now in a position with fans where they're damned if they do, damned if they don't.

I wish they would damned..............damned fck off


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Venkys are not likely to slink off just because we ask them to or because we protest.

My guess is that they are not that hands on with Rovers. They reportedly watch the games, but when would they have time to get into the minutia of running the club even presuming they're competent administrators? Don't they have about 100+ companies?

They really need to clear out the board (Silk and Coar excepted) and appoint competent, professional and loyal directors who will assist but not interfere on the football side of things. The current threesome appear to be engaged in a civil war and are dragging us down. Personally I hope Shebby wins, if the owners don't clear matters up, as I think he's the most well intentioned but I'm not holding my breath.

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We need you Americans to bring your guns and shoot em.

I'll pass.

As much as I despise the manner in which they've let the club slide, murdering them is a disproportionate response.

And Abbey I have to say that suggesting such a thing, even in jest, doesn't indicate good judgement. Many insults are fine in the modern world (which is a shame but there it is) but the line has to be drawn at threats of violence.

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