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[Archived] Rovers Merchandise

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I'm doing some research into sports merchandise licencing and am just wondering if anyone can help me with a couple of Rovers-related questions...

Who manafactures the range of t-shirts available in the club shop? Not the official replica kits or training tops, but the ones with vintage pictures - title win, Worthington cup win etc. http://www.onerovers.co.uk/retproddetail.aspx?d=21&id=3866 (<------------ like these)

I know that Rovers have the deal with Umbro at present, but does the club have other licences with different manafacturers to produce merchandise? Are these locally based manafacturers?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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I have a t-shirt I bought a couple of years ago now but the label says "CONTINENTAL LONDON BERLIN TOKYO" (Turkish cotton, apparently).

It also refers to Fair Wear trading (www.fairwear.org).

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