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[Archived] Wolves vs Rovers

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Hi Guys

I thought I would just sneak this preview in early, as I wont be available to do this later on.

Wolves Founded in 1877

Blackburn Founded in 1875

We have played Wolves 83 times(Premier League/1st Division and Championship), Wolves have won 32 times and Rovers have won 33 times with 18 draws

Wolves biggest home win was in the 1935/36 season when they beat us 8-1, in a game witnessed by the likes of Abbey, Theno,Den and Paul

Rovers Biggest home win came just a few seasons earlier in 1933/34, when we beat them 7-1 again witnessed by the likes of Abbey, Theno, Den and Paul

As I wasn’t born yet in 1960, those who attended the FA Cup final back then which included the likes of Abbey, Theno, Den and Paul, might have a bit more about that game which we lost 3-0 to Wolves. Mick McGrath with an unfortunate own goal, and Dave Whelan with a fractured/or broken leg which heaped more misery on Rovers that day. Never the less, im sure it was a very good day out for everybody.

That FA Cup was not the greatest result, so onto more happier times against Wolves.

Well not quite

October 2012

We have already played Wolves this season, back in October when we lost at home 0-1 with Wolves getting a goal through Bakary Sako. This was a game in which Eric Black was in charge, following the shock resignation of the highly likeable and Respectable Steve Kean :P

The team that day was as follows

  • 01 Robinson
  • 02 Orr
  • 03 Mn Olsson
  • 05 Givet
  • 16 Dann
  • 06 Lowe (Etuhu - 72' )
  • 10 Formica (Nunes - 46' )
  • 13 Murphy
  • 31 G Hanley
  • 11 Rhodes
  • 39 Kazim-Richards


  • 34 Kean
  • 07 Nunes
  • 08 Dunn
  • 12 Pedersen
  • 18 Etuhu
  • 21 Nuno Gomes
  • 23 Rochina

The 2 managers views on that game back then

Blackburn Rovers caretaker manager Eric Black:

"That's two weeks in a row. I'm not saying we'd have gone on to win the game but they're crucial decisions and they're so blatant. That's two ridiculous claims we have had.

"How they can decide Jordan (Rhodes) has fallen by his own means is beyond me. Their boy falls over as well so contact must have been made.

"I'm not deluding myself; I don't think we did enough to win the game but we certainly did enough not to lose it."

Wolves manager Stale Solbakken:

"I think we were rock solid today taking into consideration how this week has been for us, taking into account injuries for Slawomir Peszko, Razak Boukari and Kevin Doyle, who was injured in training yesterday.

"What I'm proud of is the players who played in not the most familiar roles played very well. I think the confidence in the team in the first half was very good. Some of the youngsters also got game time today."

May 2011 (Final Day Drama)

Wolves survived relegation back in May 2011, despite Rovers beating them 2-3 at Molineux on the final day of the season which meant that both teams stayed up that season. Rovers raced into a 3-0 lead at half time, with goals from Jason Roberts, Brett Emerton and Junior Hoilett. Wolves goals came from Stephen Hunt and Jamie O Hara

Rovers that day were as follows

  • 01 Robinson
  • 03 Olsson
  • 04 Samba Booked
  • 05 Givet
  • 27 Salgado
  • 28 Jones
  • 02 Jones
  • 07 Emerton
  • 15 Nzonzi
  • 23 Hoilett (Pedersen - 79' )
  • 30 Roberts


  • 13 Bunn
  • 08 Dunn
  • 12 Pedersen
  • 17 Andrews
  • 18 Santa Cruz
  • 21 Mwaruwari
  • 41 Diouf

When one looks back to the class of 2012 and the class of 2011, there are only 5 players who remained from the team who won on the final day against Wolves. Robinson, Olsson, Pedersen, Dunn and Givet. With the likes of Jermaine Jones, Phil Jones, Salgado, Emerton, Nzonzi, Samba and Hoilett all leaving, we can only imagine what might have been, had we an experienced manager in charge, and kept those players. I have no doubts, that we would still be a Premier League team right now.

so how are the 2 teams doing at the moment, one without a manager and one whose days are surely numbered

Rovers currently sit in 13th position with 35 points, while Wolves are 4 points adrift on 34. Rovers are currently 5 points off a Play off spot, but do have a game in hand after our game against Brighton were called off due to a faulty sprinkler. :lol:

Rovers continue their search for their 2nd manager since the departure of Steve Kean, and the sacking of Henning Berg. Meanwhile Wolves manager Stale Solbakken must be under serious pressure to keep his job as well, after theifr fans booed him and the team off during their 2-1 loss to Forest. Their chairman Steve Morgan left the stadium well before the game had ended, and rumour has it that Solbakken will have 2 games to save his job. We would like to wish Stale good luck, and hope he keeps his job, until after we beat them, at which point he is more than welcome to be sacked.

i somehow managed to get a Wolves fan for a quick Q&A, and this is how it seriously went

Me: Wolves are struggling at the moment, what are your thoughts?

Dave: They can all beep beep off

Me: sounds desperate Dave, why are you so angry?

Dave: I dont want to talk about it(tears in his eyes)

Me: what do you think of Rovers this season(tears in my eyes)

Dave: We miss Steve Kean and Henning Berg

Me: what do you think of Rovers this season

Dave: I told you, we miss Kean and Berg

Me: okay, should Wolves sack Solbakken

Dave: er, why are you still asking me that?

Me: Beacuse we dont want to see him go, we will miss him

Dave: beep beep off

Me: Who should we look out for in your team?

Dave: New Manager

Me: any Rovers player Wolves should keep an eye out for?

Dave:Joshua Rhodes

Me: you mean Jordan Rhodes

Dave: well yeh, him

Me: Prediction Dave?

Dave: 0-4 to Rovers

Thanks to Dave for that awesome, yet painful Q&A

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Didnt think Wolves were anything special when they beat us at Ewood, so victory should be achievable. All Rovers have to do is keep it tight as a team and then pick them off when the opportunities arise . arte et labore

Rovers passing has to be sharper more accurate and with purpose especially those cute little short passes that seemed to be played in field against Forest and lest hope Wolves dont cross the ball high too many times into our central defensive area.

Rovers should'nt be dominating possession until they have gone three or four goals up.

Good luck to all who are going it should be good providing they dont catch us flat footed in the first half.

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I was at the wolves Peterborough game. Wolves players were clearly struggling to adapt to the new passing game the manager wants and were picked apart. The fans got on their back and they ended up in complete disarray, not having a clue what formation they were playing.

Reminded me of us!

Start well and pass it with tempo and we can do well.

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This one is easy.

Everyone thinks Bowyer is a miracle worker after 2 successive wins and optimism is high he will continue the run after being handed the manager's job until the end of the month.

2-1 defeat.

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Good preview, IssyBrfc; thanks for it.

Bowyer's getting me towards being a "glass-half-full" fan again.

Wolves seem to have lost the plot and it could be an ideal time to play them. I've not actually seen us play since the game away to Crystal Palace [how long ago that seems!] so I've not seen for myself the effect that Bowyer has had on the team and its style of playing but, having read rovers11's post on the "New manager Part 2" thread, I just fancy us to be on a bit of a roll and win this one.

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Hi Baggie 192, thanks for that. What's happened to Craig Dawson ? He was doing great at my local club Rochdale, then he went to your place and it's all gone quiet.

He starting as a sub, the club seem to be high on him, I think next season will be big for him because it looks like he'll be a starter

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