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[Archived] Twitter doesn't refresh

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Oh, sorry for not getting back.

I contacted twitter directly. Got a couple of standard emails from them to check certain things - which I had already done, then whilst in the midst of more emails, it started working again. Whether they had done something from their end, I don't know. Originally, the gear symbol that you click to get to your settings did nothing, then it started to respond after a while.

Who knows what happened, I don't. Thanks for your replies guys.

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More often than not Den, its either Twitter having issues on their side, or there is specific settings to get it to refresh at various intervals or upon logging in. I'm having issues right now on iOS, where I don't get facebook pop up notifications, despite it being set to do just that. Having read some things on it, it does seem to be an iOS 6 issue and facebook not playing nice.

Sorry, that's not what you probably wanted to hear, but glad you got sorted.

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Apparently Twitter are about to contact 250000 users to tell them they've been hacked. My twitter account started sending dubious direct messages recently, so I guess I might well have been one of those. The advice is to change your password.

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