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[Archived] New Manager Part 2 - With Poll

Next Rovers Manager  

547 members have voted

  1. 1. Which, if any of the following would be acceptable as the new manager to you?

    • Sven Goran Erikkson
    • Mark Bowen
    • Peter Taylor
    • Billy Davies
    • Gary Bowyer
    • Judan Ali/Kevin MacDonald Combi
    • Shebby Singh
    • Phil Brown
    • None of the above

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Out of those it's got to be Davies at the top of the pile with Sven and Brown as reluctant second and third choices.

We must have experience this time, no one learning their trade is going to be able to learn about the squad, league, working with the loonies all at once.

If we're going to go with inexperience we may as well stick with Bowyer as at least he knows the club and the squad.

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I want to keep as one option so that we get a concise answer of who is the number 1 choice!

We want to be able to gauge WHO would be accepted by the fans.

No 1 choice probably wont happen so it needs to be clear that the fans dont want X Y or Z

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To me it would have to be Billy Davies, I wanted someone who could take us to the premier league & keep us there when Kean got sacked & i dont think Davies was in that category but I do think he can at least get us back & restore some heart & pride into the side which will go a long way to appease the fans!!

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I'd take Gary Bowyer and McPhillips over MacDonald/Ali/Taylor whose applications should be filed straight in the bin.

Mark Bowen surely falls into exactly the same category as McKinlay - would be a huge gamble. Again can't see much point in sacking one coach (Bowyer) to spend even more money bringing in another (Bowen)

The obvious problem with Bowyer is that you wonder whether the players are pulling their tripe out for them now, but will revert to type once he is handed the job on a permanent or semi permanent basis.

Ignoring Bowyer that only leaves 2 plausible candidates, Davies and Sven. Imo Sven is completely the wrong fit for the Club at this moment.

Would want a huge wage, is a cheque book manager, and has a reputation for being the player's best friend. Most of our lot need a swift boot up the jacksi to keep them on their toes. Like someone else said you could see him going through the motions for a few months to draw a large salary.

Out of that lst Davies by default for being the best of a poor bunch. You'd hope someone like Hughes or Cubishley might have a change of heart.

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Voted none of the above. While I wouldn't hit the roof if it was Davies, it's so sad that we've gone from being linked with Schuster et al to this shower of .... that I can't bring myself to vote.

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