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[Archived] New Manager Part 2 - With Poll

Next Rovers Manager  

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  1. 1. Which, if any of the following would be acceptable as the new manager to you?

    • Sven Goran Erikkson
    • Mark Bowen
    • Peter Taylor
    • Billy Davies
    • Gary Bowyer
    • Judan Ali/Kevin MacDonald Combi
    • Shebby Singh
    • Phil Brown
    • None of the above

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Isn't this exactly how it started with Steve Kean?

Not that Bowyer is anything like Kean, but it looks like Venky's are plumping for the cheap option once again on the managerial front.

Saying that, at this point I'd take Bowyer over most of the apparently "serious" candidates. 3 months ago my vote would have been "none of the above" straight away, now I look at 3 or 4 of those names and think "well... it could be worse". Perhaps that's what the Taylor name leak was all about - making fans so desperate and angry that practically any other appointment in comparison would be welcomed.

Meanwhile we go through the whole transfer window without a manager. Only Rovers.

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Gary Bowyer has impressed me. Tactically has been very good. Had two sitting midfielders in Murrphy and Lowe which has allowed the attacking players like King, Rochina, Rhodes and CKR to flourish and given the defence more protection. The players also really like Bowyer and that has been seen in the players efforts recently. Don't think he's the man long term but he could do a decent job in the short term until Venky's decide who to go with (if they ever do).

As for January transfers - I don't think we should be spending a lot in January. It's not a good time to buy. As long as we don't lose anybody significant then we don't need to buy. I reckon we could get a central midfielder in on loan though. If a Givet, Formica etc does leave then I suspect they will be replaced. The current squad is good enough to get into the play offs imo - a lot of them, however, like Etuhu, have been underperforming.

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Saying that, at this point I'd take Bowyer over most of the apparently "serious" candidates.

Two successive wins doesn't mean he deserves the job. No doubt you'll change your mind again after we lose at Wolves.

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welll transfer window screwed unless there are outgoings and 3 coaches down on backroom staff at the club waht a fantastic way to run a club...NOT

Apparently Shebby working on bringing in another loan player according to Nicko. Personally, I think we'll go for Palacios.

I really rate Bowyer. Think he'll do well. Suspect the managerial search will speed up if we lose the next match though.

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I made a joke comment the other day saying this will mess with the transfer activity but maybe that's the plan

I didn't rally think it was true - what a joke

So what has changed since shebby saying a 6 month contract would be offered?

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Honestly, I'm not too fussed about the wait, provided that the recruitment process is properly taken this time. (big if)

We clearly weren't going to sign anybody anyway, and Bowyer has proved to be a capable stand in for now. If this is what it takes to get a proper manager in rather than Peter Taylor, then so be it.

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Did som research:

Bowyers been at Rovers for many years, became Reserve team manager four years ago when Big Sam was in charge, before that he was a youth coach so he knows all our younger players really well. He also has manager experience in the lower leagues for 2 years but the main and vital thing is that he has been at Rovers with managers like Souness, Mark Hughes and Sam Allardyce and learned alot unlike Steve Kean. He's been at the club for almost 10 years I believe.

Also he's only 41 years old.

Terry McPhillips has been a youth coach at Rovers since Mark Hughes days and was appointed 2006. So he's been at the club for 7 years. He came from Crewe who did have a good youth setup. Also know the younger players well the likes of Hanley, Henley, Olsson, Lowe, Kean etc....

Both have playing in the lower leagues but not so much success as players....but I think you need people who has been long at the club who KNOW "SKILL AND HARD WORK"!!!

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Might as well close this down as nothing's going to happen for some time. If results go ok I expect Bowyer to continue till summer and if not it'll be Shebby officially with a new coach. Either way it's Shebby making the big decisions with a coach running the team. Why tell us that an experienced manger was being brought in if it wasn't true? More lies bringing more bad feeling. Maybe Bowyer will end up being the new Mourinho but again nothing can excuse the shambolic and underhand way the club goes about things.

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I'm happy with Bowyer being given more time but this isn't what it's about. The fact that they've made it till the end of January says it all to me. It's messing about with the club that has got us relegated in the first place and will ultimately be the death of us, they'll never learn. Can't say I'm one bit surprised though.

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