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[Archived] Changing your name by deed poll?

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Thanks for the link!

Villarreal are famous for their yellow strip. Even the club's nickname is El Submarino Amarillo (The Yellow Submarine).For a long time now Villarreal CF have been my 'second team'. In many ways, I equated them with Rovers (small-town underdogs who gatecrashed the big boys' party and punched well above their weight). A cursory look at both histories will show you what I mean. However, with the ongoing farce visited upon us by Venky's, the Spanish side have now taken top spot. Villarreal still embody the values that I once associated with Rovers. Namely, being run by men of integrity who care deeply about the club and more importantly care about the community. (President Fernando Roig once gave free season tickets to former holders who'd lost their jobs, because he knew the importance of keeping the fan base alive). Ironically, both clubs were relegated out of the top-flight last season but at least I have every confidence that Villarreal will do what it takes to get back there (like sacking a young manager promoted from the backroom and picking an experienced head).


Who was you before amarillo??

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There's a guy in my local town who changed his name to Moon cat......seriously.

I have a friend who changed his last name by deed poll, no problems at all and was very fast, they gave him a legal certificate to prove your name change and it is pretty much recognised everywhere.

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Guest Norbert

Max Power.

That's exactly what I thought when I saw the thread :D.

Here are some suggestions from me:

1. Zinglebert Zlackityback

2. Pete O'File

3. Doctor Spanglepants

4. Jimmy Savile-Row

5. Muff Buff

6. Mary Whitehouse

7. Mister Hollyhock

8. Johnny Giblets

9. Stefan Kuentz

10. Bobby Dazzler

11. Eric Shoebill

12. Wolfgang Von Bon Bon-Jovi

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