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[Archived] NBA fans

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do any rovers fans watch NBA???

I'm big fan of NBA and support LA lakers

I used to, was a big Phoenix Suns fan. Back in the days of Charles Barkley (even named my dog Barkley) Despised the Lakers. Attended some of the Suns games even playoff games, would not miss if they were on TV Of course this was before the advent of English Football on cable TV in the USA. Once footy arrived my interest of all American sports returned to what they were when I arrived, little to none. Along with that I became disillusioned with the very skewed officiating, superstar favouritism is rife bordering on corrupt in the NBA IMHO. Funny how the college refs seem to get more calls right than the so called Pro's. At this point in time I could not even tell you where the Suns are in the standings.

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I follow the NBA from a distance, so I know whose doing well and whose doing badly. Kevin Durant erupted for 52 last night against the Dallas Mavericks for a career high. The guy is a total beast. I remember him when he played for one year at University of Texas and you knew this guy was the real deal.

I'm more into college basketball. My old university, Virginia Commonwealth are doing really well now. I was there when they started to get big when they beat Duke in March Madness. That was the beginning of the rise of VCU under Anthony Grant who then went to coach at the University of Alabama and then Shaka Smart came in with his HAVOC game plan and took us to the Final Four, with that amazing run beating USC, Georgetown, Purdue, Florida State and Kansas. We are nationally ranked in the regular season at 22 for the first time since 1985. The move to the A-10 will be of huge benefit as well. We are playing in a better conference, against better teams, we will be able to recruit better, get better out of conference games (a home and home series against in state rivals University of Virginia of the ACC has just been announced from next year onwards) and this will all help toward making VCU a permanent fixture in the nations top teams. I read somewhere that VCU looks to Gonzaga as a prime example of how you can be a major team in a mid major conference.

We had a huge win against St Joes the other night and if we beat Duquesne on the road later today and with some of the higher ranked teams losing, we will most likely move up the rankings come Monday. The rankings don't mean much apart from it being fun for the fans and may help you get an at large bid for March Madness if you don't win your conference tournament (which I'm planning on going to in Brooklyn at the new Barclay Center in March). It's an exciting time to be a Ram. I find college basketball so much more exciting than the NBA.

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Though it's changing, the NBA has been dominated for years by teams like the Lakers and Celtics. These two teams have been sort of like Manchester United in their dominance.

I'm not in a rush to tune in the college game with so many on TV but it is exciting, you have a lot of small schools putting out top quality teams. Almost any school can make a run as James Madison or Northern Iowa did a few years ago even though in the end, it's often a traditional power that ends up winning it all like Indiana, Duke, North Carolina, Kansas and others. The college game is refreshing and I often will keep up with the March Tournament.

I don't have a real favourite in pro-basketball but a few years ago, there wasn't even an Oklahoma Thunder and they've been one of the best teams in recent years, the LA Clippers who at times were very poor in the NBA are doing well. I guess when Utah Jazz or the Phoenix Suns were doing well, I did like those teams. San Antonio too and Dallas to a lesser extent. It's okay.

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Anthony is a very good player and great 3 point shooter

I used to read about him in 'Slam' magazine when he was playing for Syracuse....they always said he would go on to become one of the league's best players.

Watched it in the 90s with the 'Twin Towers', Tim Duncan and David Robinson so I liked the San Antonio Spurs because of them and the black and silver combo.

Then got into it again in the early 00s with Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili......watched most of their playoff games last year and those three were still playing but they were knocked out by Oklahoma.

Will probably watch their playoff games again this year.

Am going to New York in March for 8 days so was hoping to catch a Knicks game but they're playing Miami and tickets are really expensive.

Will definitely see an NBA game at some point in my life though.

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