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[Archived] Next Generation Games Consoles

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This week has seen quite a lot of leaks about the PS4 and Xbox 720.

Xbox 720 Specs Leaked:


PS4 Specs Leaked:


I think that these leaks are coming because developers have been given the dev kits for these consoles, this coupled with little or no information about game releases after August (which is very unusual) and the fact that high profile games such as GTA V and The Last of Us are coming out by the end of May all points towards these consoles being released later this year. I expect them to be unvailed by E3 at the very latest, although it wouldn't surprise me if both Microsoft and Sony do "apple style" unvail events before E3 and then use their E3 presentations to showcase the games for these consoles and confirm release dates etc.

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Ugh I hate steam and their crappy service. Sure they are cheap but their customer service is shocking for such a large company. I was kind of enjoying having one console last for so many years as well - I don't think any has lasted that long since the days of the megadrive. Here comes the new console war! Has anyone played the Wii U?

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