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[Archived] BRFCS Podcast #57: An Interview With Sir Bill Taylor

Guest Wen Y Hu

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Guest Wen Y Hu
In Podcast 57 former Blackburn with Darwen Council leader Sir Bill Taylor talks to BRFCS editor Wen Y Hu, assistant editor Eddie and SteB from BRFCS admin about the Blackburn Rovers united fans initiative, his forty-year association with Blackburn, the town's football club and the local community as well as his thoughts on new manager Michael Appleton and the administration of the club.

The podcast is published to the front page here.

It is also available via the following link. Just paste the link into your browser address bar.


Please post your comments, feedback and any questions for Sir Bill below.

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This is probably one of the best podcasts I have listened to regarding the current situation at the club and I urge everyone to listen to it. With all the bickering that goes on between the groups you forget how passionate our fans can be and it's good that Sir Bill is trying to bring everyone together.

Sir Bill asked what we as fans want from the owners to build relationships and suggested an apology would be a good place to start, well it wouldn't do any harm but for me the the first thing they have to do is get it right on the pitch.

I think that Appleton is a good appointment and he seems to be managing the club from top to bottom. He has recognised the fact that the team is un balanced, the recruitment policy was a shambles and he even said that he didn't think it was a good idea for the owners to turn up when they did.

He is talking a lot of sense and he is basically saying it how it is. I think Venkys have to back Appleton and also let him get on with running the football side of things without any interference or distractions from anywhere else within the club.

If we can get a team on the pitch that fans can be proud of again then I think fans will start engaging with the club again.

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Great podcast.

Bill, I wish I could have a chat with the three Raos. Someone has to advise (persuade) them to speak to reasonable ordinary supporters like you, me, Ste B, Wen and several others.

If they would only sit down and TALK with us I'm sure that a lot of good could come of it.

M G Road are you reading this post? Maybe you could slip a word in. Better still get them to listen to this podcast.

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What a good podcast, but must pick Sir Bill up one point "Paul Agnew is an expert in PR and communications" Really? is there somebody else at the club with the same name? :)

interesting hearing about the paperwork involved in transfers in the Championship, pity we don't have anybody who has done this sort of thing in the Championship before .. oh hang on

Never had time for Sir Bill when I lived in Blackburn but politics aside , thought he gave a good account of himself on the podcast and hope the "united' initiative goes from strength to strength and no doubt with the things he picked up during his political career is well placed to head it

Unfortunately until Venky's come clean on why and who made decisions pre, during and since the takeover an apology will mean nothing.

Regarding Sir Bill's always listen to the Skunks saying, could be right, as it seems that listening to the rats and snakes as the on paper owners have been doing doesn't seem to work , so might be worth giving the Skunks a chance

Finally thanks to Wen, Eddie ,Ste B and Sir Bill for a thoroughly enjoyable listen

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The fact that they paid him a sum of money suggests they did..... or that he knows stuff that they want to keep a lid on. Personally I believe the latter.

And/or given we are discussing the Interpol Press Conference yesterday, would another form of thank you payment need cleaning up?

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Really interesting podcast.

If there is one thing the Raos can do to help, its to clarify who is responsible for what at Ewood, and let those people get on with their job with backing and without interference.

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I won't hold my breath saying for an apology from the Raos.

Something tells me it's not in their nature to admit to any weakness or error of judgement.

Even if we did get an apology it would be insincere.

Actions speak louder than words. Atone for you errors both on and off the pitch. That would be better than any apology.

One thing I would like however, is for the club to start telling the truth.

Just plain, old fashioned, honest to goodness truth. That will go a long way.

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