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[Archived] Ipswich Town

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No, a header is a header. He's there to head it clear and he does this for the vast majority. It's the rest of the team who need to scrap for seconds. I'm not claiming he is world class and there will be better defenders around who can find a man more regularly but he does a job and does it well at this level.

I take your point on Dann and he is hit and miss but he does win some headers.

Not disputing he's good enough for this level, but he'll never be good enough for the step up. He can't play, his technique is poor and he's slow of thought and body. Trouble is his clearances go straight to the opposition, whether by head or foot he is careless with the ball, just as he obviously is in the rest of his life given his size. You can say it's up to the rest of the team to win the seconds but if he constantly clears the ball to an area that Ipswich have the advantage then they don't have a chance. Just as you expect a keeper to make a save and divert the ball away from the opposition so should a clearnace. You wouldn't be happy if Kean constantly palmed the ball to one of theirs every time he makes a save. It's good he wins the majority now he needs to work on getting some direction on them and not just heading it, progress and development. However again I'll bring up his issue and doubt he ever will. Decent player at this level never going to cut it if we step-up.

Orr was just as bad on Saturday and it took him a good 20-30 minutes to start hitting his team-mates.

But one thing is for sure, that despite being far more solid, we won't rip up trees until we get our play with the ball to a much higher standard. Hopefully this will happen with more training time, we'll see.

Dann jumps and tucks up into a ball as he does it raising his legs, it's bizarre.

Oh and as an aside, we're never fit enough in a million years and a lot of work needs to be done on this, a lot. So few sprints, so little running and movement, passing and stopping, lots of work needed. Trouble is this is not easy as if being honest I thought that we looked slow as a team mentally, reactions, concentration decisions were not the best. I hope that all aspects are being considered within training not just fitness work as over time this could be very detrimental since we've moved to double sessions. Although given the work-load in Keans rein was shocking again we're working to re-build habits etc. I don't think we'll see serious improvements until next season.

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To be honest the first half of the Ipswich game was something I hadn't seen since the Charlton game, so maybe we were just due a bad half.

Hopefully so as I've seen much better in League one and two so far this year. I'm still trying to get my head round just how poor we were in comparision to my last match under Sam.

Oh and as an Aside (again) did anyone else notice the difference between the Ipswich and Rovers benchs???

Whenever there was an oppurtunity the second it occured the staff were there with drinks and gels to ensure that the players were always topping up their energy stores and fluids. Ours??? Guess they were having a cup of tea. Needs to improve fluid lose affects so many attributes both physical and mental its untrue and water/energy should be taken on board as often as possible. Another factor little considered in football is that our bodies are habitual machines, in that they get used to routine. So if during training they stop every 10-20 for a drink then their bodies need and expect that during the match.

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ffs, Hanley was playing against McClean who's about 5 foot so it'd be pretty sad if he hadn't been able to win his headers.

Any decent forward will rip him apart. He's so slow, fails to read the game and can't pass any distance further than the man directly beside or in front of him. I remember at one point in the first half either Hanley or Dann headed it up into the air, then when it came back down somehow mis-timed the second header so that the ball skimmed off the base of the head and thankfully into the arms of Jake Kean.

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A few thoughts on the game:

First half dire hoof ball from both sides (something we're not very good at!) Second half we kept it on the deck and created chances and a goal. Who'd have thought?

Orr - Appleton likes him?!? He was poor. Better in the air than your average fullback but caught out a fair few times with poor distribution. Not a significant contributor to a promotion push imo

Kazim-Richards - my motm. First half the only player who did his job well. The turning point in the game was when he was moved into midfield. He gave us more composure on the ball and a better physical presence in the middle of the park. When he went to right mid we started winning the midfield battle. If he could cut out the showboating and attitude he'd be an excellent player.

Murphy - looks good in possession when we're on top but a passenger when we're struggling. Our creative cm needs more composure and influence in a game when we're struggling, as well as when we're on top.

Hanley - not sure about his motm. Thought he improved as the game went on and is a very promising player. First 30 mins were rather shaky - especially one incident with him and Dann going for the same ball - but he gets stuck in and defends well. Not sure we'll ever get the best out of him with the fair-weather defender Dann next to him though.

Markus Olsson - cannot run AND cross a ball at the same time - which makes his so much more limited as a wide mid. Every cross he had to stop and then deliver the ball. All such crosses were diagonal and thus easy to deal with. Every time he went to the byline the ball was passed in along the ground. If he could get to the byline and cross he'd be a big asset. As it is he's just a decent player.

Overall a hard earned 3 points. Still think we struggle against physical teams who play in a direct manner which will probably prevent promotion this season.

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Used to be match day sponsors Toppers, not sure if it's the same these days or if indeed we have any. Therein lies another story!

I think it's fair to say that we are thankful for small mercies at the minute and summed up by the fact that we're chuffed at getting 7 points at home in 4 games against mediocre opposition. How the mighty have fallen!

I for one ain't getting carried away and suspect (but hope not) to be brought back down to earth with a bump with our upcoming fixtures.

Let's face it we're deluded if we think we are any where near good enough but at least the vibes coming from the club show green shoots of recovery and that we are at least trying to get the basics right.

Would it not just be a massive plus just to start consistently enjoying the match day experience again?

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Just back in Cornwall after a little visit oop North!

I went to the match on Saturday of course and i thoroughly enjoyed the match experience!

I was down at Ewood at noon and just walked round seeing things I would never have seen if I had resumed my normal match routine.

Ten of us used to meet up at the Manxman before the match in the gold old days but only my brother and I went on Saturday. I must say the pub has had a major revamp and is ideal for a meetup(Landlady asked me to say that!)

I saw two games early in the season against Hull and Leicester so another win against ipswich makes it three out of three!

A few observations from the game.

Not a great first half but I prefer to think that MA wants to make the team hard to break down; and be in the game at halftime.

The pitch didnt help as it was quite bumpy and it took time for both sides to get used to it.

Second half was much better. Offensively Rovers look very strong and I cant think there is a better strike force in this division which gives me optimism that a playoff spot is not out of the question.

It was encouraging to hear the crowd chant "Appys Blue and White Army!" which Ive not heard since the days of BigSam. I thought the crowd was very supportive and gave the team solid support in that second half.

I also thought the attendance was about right at 14,300.

One slight negative if one could call it that was that as we left the Riverside Kazim-Richards walked towards the crowd and threw his shirt into the mix which caused a frenzy of tugging and grasping! If he only just handed it to a deserving young fan then it might avoid a possible incident. Full marks to him for doing it though!

All in all a welcome 3 points and if we could beat Brighton then things will become very interesting!

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Who even makes the call for MOTM? Is it just pulled out of a hat or what?

Peter Jackson the Jewellers in the town centre sponsor it, must be related to whoever needs a new watch the most.

Jordan Rhodes clearly doesn't need any more, the lad will be rocking up to parties looking like Flava Flav if he keeps winning!! :tu:

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Peter Jackson the Jewellers in the town centre sponsor it, must be related to whoever needs a new watch the most.

Jordan Rhodes clearly doesn't need any more, the lad will be rocking up to parties looking like Flava Flav if he keeps winning!! :tu:

He knows what time it is!


Love this new emoticon (if it's new?). Is it especially for Rhodesy?

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