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[Archived] FA Cup 6th Round (QF) Draw


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The FA Cup committee and TV companies will be devastated by our unexpected victory today. Arsenal can expect a letter of admonishment from them for letting them down.

They will make sure we get Chelsea / United / City away in the quarter-finals and this time bribe the ref just to make sure.

what a stupid and pathetic comment

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Chaddy just has his mood swings, he's alright really.

Jim's right though, the TV companies will be absolutely gutted that we made it through. In the same way they're no doubt devastated that Swansea and Bradford are contesting the Carling Cup final.

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Nice and condescending of people asking us if we want a big tie next round, as if we're Bradford.

The commentator today said it was an upset but actually had to say, it's not quite the same as Bradford - we were in the premier league for 10 years! @#/? ignorant southern media.

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I would actually very much like to get the Latics-Wigan in the next round we have proved after today we can compete with a top half prem team it would be interesting to see how we fair against lower half prem Lge opposition and also with a bit of luck like last time Dave Whelan might give out free pies if we're lucky.

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