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[Archived] Bolton vs Rovers

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I think it was slightly harsh taking Bentley off at HT. There were certainly more who deserved to get the chop before he did. However, I'm sure I read somewhere Bentley was struggling with a cold/virus of some sort and that may have been the reason why he was replaced at HT.

I would start Bentley on the right, Lowe and Jones in the middle with either Olsson or Stewart on the left.

Murphy and Orr should not be anywhere near the starting 11.

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Bentley was ill wasn't he?

No problem with DJ playing he was one of the more lively players last week and Rekik wasn't as bad as many others

If Orr and Murphy are out I'd be happy with whatever else

Being a Rovers fan though I have a horrible feeling they will play

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We can get something from this match. Any team can beat any other team on any given day (case in point the recent Arsenal result). Appleton is being proactive (it seems) so the team we put out the last few weeks won't be the team we play against Bolton.

We just need to keep the faith. And besides, we're due a good result.

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Why won't they open the upper tier? We do it. No point going if you don't know if you can get a ticket. Joke.

Apart from the fact you've had three weeks to get a ticket?

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From what he's saying it almost sounds like Orr will play

Didn't like those comments at all. I know he's hardly going to come out and have a pop at Orr, but it's almost as if Appleton is saying "well he's said sorry on Twitter, so don't worry about the shocking performance or for telling the Rovers fans to @#/? off". He better be dropped tonight.

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