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[Archived] Result predictions for the rest of the season?

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It was when they were 1 down with 20 to go

Rovers would not have come back from that

That didn't shock me that much. It appears no matter how unlikely, results will go against Rovers. Blackpool down to ten men against Palace for most of the match yet they still beat them. I came on here at ht during that match and said they'd no doubt go on to win despite being down to 10 men.

Just come to accept that as far as Rovers are concerned, expect disappointment and lots of it.

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I don't think there's any point in the predictor for championship games. It doesn't matter who plays who, any outcome is possible. No result in the championship surprises me. If, for example, Reading had beaten Man Utd at Old Trafford in the premiership, that would be a major shock. Peterborough beating Cardiff home and away was not a shock.

Yea I agree. Plus I had enough of that f-ing predictor thing last season. Must have spent a good few hours of my life doing that.

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I said privately about 8 or 9 games ago we wouldn't win again until the derby match and i stand by that but , I also think we will finish 16th and these are my predictions

Sheffield Wednesday - draw

Derby - Win

Huddersfield -win

Watford - loss

Millwall - draw

Palace - loss

Birmingham - draw

So 9 points from last games , I know on form it looks a long way away , however I still think we will bag em

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Our last 4 games are a nightmare.

I think we need to beat both Sheff Weds and Huddersfield, and possibly need another draw.

Anything less and we're going to need snookers!

Millwall Watford Palace and Birmingham :blush: ....... and that is how far we've sunk ....dont know whether to laugh or cry :(

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From my calculations, that Hudds match is crucial. They beat us then we are down. We beat them then they would struggle to catch us.

Bristol and Barnsley will go I think. Gotta hope and pray my predictions for Peterb and Hudds for tomorrow night are wrong which could lower the points target.

My predictions for todays matches in the relegation thread unfortunately came true. Barnsley, Wolves, and Blackpool all won as predicted. Sheff W drew when i predicted they would lose. Really hope my predictions for the rest of the season are wrong.

You heard it here, we WILL LOSE to Hudds. This shower has not got up for any crucial game yet other than the Arse cup match. The will be all over the show. 2-0 to the Hudds. I'd posted elsewhere I see us getting no more than 4 points the rest of the season. The rumblings coming from the dressing room, the showing of the league tables, CKR's battle cry did naff all against the Owls, I don't expect anything for the rest of the season. A big summer clear out and start over with a top quality manager. Maybe we can get back to being a mid table Championship side.

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Did bbc predictor. Get us staying up by 1 point but bizarrely Blackpool going down. All predicated on us beating both derby and Huddersfield at home. Suspect over confidence on my part. Everything crossed

That is not bizarre.

I am sticking with a prediction of 56 points needed for peace of mind. On that basis, Boro currently 9th on 55 points are not yet safe.

My fear is the club is so divided against itself and the players so de-motivated, we are in no shape for the scrap like hell and the devil take the hindmost eight games ahead of us.

The likelihood of us making up the point we need to safety is very remote indeed.

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Went down on my attempt :(

20: Wolves 48 GD - 9

21: Huddersfield 48 GD - 26


22: Rovers 47 GD - 7

23: Peterborough 47 GD - 8

Although a single extra draw would see us in 20th

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  • Moderation Lead

Derby H - W

Huddersfield H - W

Watford A - L

Millwall A - D

Palace H - L


Birmingham A - W

Total = 10 points

I'll have a pint of what you're having.......

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