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[Archived] Breaking News - Boardroom shuffle?

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Global advisor Shebby Singh will fly to India on Thursday for meetings with owners Venky's to discuss the matter.

Maybe the Trust could run a copy of that letter off, And give it Shebby to take with him.

More likely to read it if it is in their native language......

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Isn't the aim of this game to take them all out eventually , but sometimes you have to do it one swing at a time with the easiest first, sometimes hoping one knocks another with a well positioned strike?

When in actuality, this will just consolidate Shebby's powerbase at the club.

This hydra won't be vanquished quite so easily.

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A couple of amazing posts there! If Shaw has done what is alleged, then there is no excuse and he has to go. I doubt Shaw could save us from relegation anyway!

No owner should put up with what has allegedly occurred. That doesn't mean others shouldn't have gone long ago but the issue seems perfectly straight-forward to me and no need to come up with conspiracy theories. Let's hope this is the start of it not the end of it.

Couldn't agree more 47er.But if people are being punished for wrongdoings then the list of candidates would be half way down Bolton Road-starting with a stewards enquiry into what happened with the Portuguese signings.

And that leads me to thinking......obviously a £2m hit is not what anyone wants to see but that is small beer in trhe scheme of horrendous mistakes that have proved so costly over the last 12 months in particular. Is the Berg case so different to the wasteful agreement of long term contracts for Murphy/Etuhu etc?

I am therefore starting to conclude that the monetary armageddon that awaits us is suddenly becoming very real to Venkys.Is the money about to run out?? Up until now they have happily written cheques and covered costs for everything almost as it was no object.Now in the heat of a fight for Championship survival a £2million problem has become the be all and end all.It just looks to me like questions of money have now become serious tpics of discussion on the corridors of planet Pune.

Perhaps the constant efforts of the 2 Ian's beating a path and the latter attempts by the Trust to put their point forward might just have hit home.

Please be the beginning of the end for Venkys though if the money is running out i hate to think what will be left behind.

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Pleased to see Shaw go and most likely Agnew soon to follow. However, won't the next appointments be just as incompetent? I would love to think this could be a turning point for the club but the owners and Shebby know nothing about running a football club and won't have a clue who to appoint at boardroom level.

If only they would take advice from people who have the bests interests of the club at heart, Battersby, Wild etc. They would point them in the right direction. If we could get a strong board who can run the club effectively and make sensible decisions whilst Venky's continue to pump money into the club then I believe this club could move forward despite having Venky's in charge. To be fair, Venky's have spent a lot of money this year in trying to get us back up - it's the decision makers who have failed to use that money correctly!

Biggest budget in the league and on the brink of relegation!


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Oh this club. This once beautiful family friendly club known for fighting above it's weight and bringing the big boys down to our level. What has happened? Now when you go to Ewood you can almost see a dark cloud resting over the stadium endlessly. We've lost great players, we've treated them like rubbish. We've been treated like rubbish and our owners happily throw cash at the three stooges just for them to throw it all on betting on bad horses like Berg and Appleton. The illness at this club is terminal. It's going to kill us. We can all cling onto the hope that Venky's might see sense or sell up but that won't happen in the near future and by the time something good finally happens it'll be too late. This club will be dead at the bottom of English football and for a club like ours, there's very little chance of a resurrection.

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indeed Amarillo, and its not the 1st time. one liners, followed by 2 liners etc. Back when times were good, we use to get great minute by minute stuff, we use to get in depth interviews, feel good stories surrounding the community etc.

now its just all about trying to quash rumours, or trying to calm fans down by telling us that everything will be okay.

How does a company like Venkys, not feel embarrassed by all that has happened? surely with all this chaos, one would think that its best to get out, and try and rebuild your brand with things that you are more comfortable with ie in their case chickens

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Dear god, these club "statements" are beyond embarrassing. It reads like Agnew just hijacked Grooby's computer during his lunch-break and typed it up.

And almost got caught lol.

I particularly like the ... 'and insist that all other recent reports are untrue.'......how far back does recent cover? :rock:

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  • Backroom

Awww couldn't the report have said something like 'Ps Shebby smells IDST'

Let them fight it out in public so they can all look bad

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You go to bed early,have meetings all morning....and then 7 pages of the firestorm.

The picture on the BBC web-site of Shaw sums him up - one of the Chucklebutties.

Karen Silk and her iron balls.

The shredding machine drowning out the telephone in the new Fax Machine Centre at Ewood.

Berg's Contract becoming Agenda Item No 1 in Pune, whilst the Blackburn Train Set lies in wreckage.

The thought of who might succeed Shagnew,if they ever release their grip (imagine the speed they sign the NDAs)

And then the thought of the weeds and decrepit Advertising Boards at Our Club's ground as 5.000 watch the match versus Fleetwood

If we had written this story in 2010 no-one would believe us!

Just found the Man City match ticket from April 2009: Remember...." You've got Robinho - We've got Keith Andrews" We thought they were sub-standard days!!!!

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