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[Archived] Why is the Berg compo such an issue to our billionaires?


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For nigh on 2 1/2 years Venkys have poured all sorts of money down a hole.Its been the biggest waste of anyones money that anyone can remember.They have listened to all sorts of thieves , robbers and charlatans and still done it.Or at least thats what we are led to believe.

Quite what they have physically put in nobody knows and may be this has all been done using money from selling the crown jewels eg Jones, samba , Hoillet etc Maybe the growing rumour that they have already borrowed and spent next years Parachute money is the source.

But we have been force fed a diet of ''money is no object.'' as we come out of our transition becuase after all these are very very wealthy owners.

So in a season where we have paid compensation willy nilly virtually every month, why is this one suddenly being regarded as the end of the world?? Has the money finally dried up? is this the start of their exit?

There is something badly wrong with a bloke being employed for 67 days and wanting £2million compenstaion anyway but thats not the point.What is the point , is that with a playing squad packed to the rafters with very high earners on long long contracts then if the money is coming to an end then sadly i fear, that so is our Club.

These are very dark days

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