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The sad passing of "Kelbo".


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RIP Kelbo

You were a better fan than most and I'm very sad to have logged on to here to read this.

I'm not going to read anything else on this site today as after reading this the other problems pale in comparison.

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This is Kelvins son Ben, struggling to sleep, so i thought i'd read through this to reassure me how proud i am to have had a father like mine. The support from my friends and family can only be backed up by this, but i thank every single one of you for your posts, they mean the world to me, and when the time is right, my mum too.

I want to share with you something that reminds me of my dad... it's a song, but will remind me of him forever.

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I've only just seen this thread and am really shocked by the news.

I didn't know Kelbo but from his postings he was clearly no fan of the current regime to put it mildly and my main regret would be that he passed away with us in such parlous circumstances.

Like I keep saying though at least he saw us lift the title in 1995 (and later the Worthington Cup) . Not many fans of various Clubs will ever be able to say that.

Best wishes to Ben and family at this difficult time. It won't bring him back but I hope it's at least nice to read what a well liked and well respected contributor Kelbo or Kelvin was on here.

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This news has shocked me. being a million miles away, i only came to know kelbo and everybody else on here, and through various other social sites. kelbo was a very good contributor, knew his stuff and was genuinly a good man. he was very critical of the current regime, was always honest in whatever he said. when i logged in, the 1st thing i wanted to check was whatever chaos venkys might have caused again. however, this news has saddened me, and today i will not be caught up in whatever else is going around here. il be honest, the news brought tears to my eyes this morning. kelbo was one of us, so its a sad. to ben and his family, my sincere condolences. KELBO R.I.P

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