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The sad passing of "Kelbo".


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I echo these sentiments although I never personally knew the bloke I really liked his contributions to this site my condolences to his family during this very sad time and if there is we as a community and the players could take from Kelvin is his amazing signature T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More some of our players could do with remembering this. I also wish Kelvin could have seen us in a better time. Say hello to Uncle Jack from all of us RIP Kelvin.

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Seen some nice words said on twitter about Kelvin as well, seems he was very highly regarded on the football scene and in his community

A huge loss

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Guest Norbert

Never met the guy, but as a lot have said, he was one of the better posters here, and I did read what he had to say as it usually pretty balanced and literate. Hope his family are OK.

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Sad news indeed.. always a shock when someone you even know a little passes away, puts life into perspective.

You will be missed by many Kelbo, RIP

NB if you are up there reading this forum, you could always pop back and haunt Venkys a little.

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When skimming through topics I would always stop and take the time to read through his posts. Says it all really.

Sad news indeed. Also the same age as my Dad who is also a devoted Rovers fan. Will be sorely missed.

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