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[Archived] News Article -> Blackburn Rovers vs Huddersfield Town, Tuesday 16 April, 19:45

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Town players who impressed me were Paul Dixon at left back and striker Sean Scannell.

Rovers players who impressed were Williamson, Kane, Dann, Givet and Goodwillie.

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Ipswich Town's Portman Road pitch was always one of the best in the country from what I remember, yet watching the Football League Show last Saturday it looked in a sorry state.

Must be Global Warming / start of the next Ice Age. Whichever side of the fence is in vogue this week.

More like it's simply down to the money taken out of football by the players, their agents and the massed ranks of assorted hangers on. There is a cold wind blowing when clubs can't afford basic priorities which benefit the supporters, the club and indeed the game itself for the sake of paying some bog standard Joe Ordinary a kings ransom.

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Those complaining about pitch should remember that we played on Saturday on a pitch which was heavily watered just before we kicked off on Saturday. Just after kick off it started to rain as well. Why it was watered so heavily on Saturday was a surprise but playing another so quickly would give no time for it to repair it so probably the groundsman could only patch it up as best.

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