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[Archived] Watford v. Blackburn Rovers preview

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usless over paid divas, cant even get a shot away, usless, there should be rules put in that if a player or players are not performing well ect or shows a lack or commitment then they dont get paid there wages! you wouldent see a doctor go hmm i could perform surgery or i could just go chill over there il still get paid, no you dont

they need a right kick up the ass, a @#/? wake up call, leauge 1 here we come we shall lose all our players and be a @#/? joke of a club, cant believe people though we would win this game,

pathetic performance, pathetic players

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Two performances summed up in 10 seconds for me KING runs into yet another blind alley with his head down gives the ball away, ball played forwards GIVET loses his man and the ball is in the net. We had enough warnings that these two were having a 'mare!

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Peterborough 3-1 now and Derby have 10 men...

I can't believe we've just surrendered today. I genuinely thought we'd put up a good fight. Embarrassing and inexcusable for the umpteenth time this season.

Strange SR, you tend to be quite a realist on here so I'm surprised you thought that! It's not like our last two performances have been great, we've scraped a couple of wins but the majority of the season the team hasn't looked like it belonged in this division and today is no different.

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Sherwood, Peter taylor and gary Megson all in the stands at Watford today(Sherwood and Taylor sat next to each over avin a right old chin wag)

2-0 and after a very solid dominant opening 30mins from rovers, this is now @#/? poor, kane Marcus offer nothing defensively, dann seems to have a 3second time lapse in his brain, Givet-Gived up, Watford now passing the ball around for fun.

whoooop 3-0 now

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