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[Archived] News Article -> Rovers v Palace

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We need a point out of this game. The other scores are not in our favour at the moment.

I'm almost certain that even if we lose today we will be safe once the P'boro-Wednesday game finishes. Really, every single game will have to go against us today in order for that not to happen.

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How many times have we gone behind at home this season, really does feel like more often than not! This season can't end soon enough, not that I think next season will be any better just get abit of respite!

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Haha and just as I say that Rhodes equalises!

Can he do the lap of honour on his own?

The man had almost singlehandedly kept us in the league, he deserves a knighthood!

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Supporting a team that is winning is easy!

It's when we are losing that the team needs support.

Careful now! You'll be accused of happy clapping next. tsk tsk....Fancy actually supporting your own team! Whatever next? The madness of it all! :blink:

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As much as I hate to say it all we really need is for Bumley to hang on and win against Wolves and Peterborough to draw or lose to Sheff Wed tonight and we are safe even if we should lose this one. Would take something really really special to see us relegated now. Thus my interest is at its lowest point ever in my time of being a supporter....

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Burnley 2 up and cruising according to SSN.

Ipswich now 3 up.

We need another goal (or two even)

No we don't. Not for survival anyway. As thing stand now, we're safe. Even if we lose our last game and P'Boro win both their remaining games, and Barnsley win their last game by enough to make up for our +8 GD against them, we're still safe. Why? Because Barnsleys last game is against Huddersfield. Who we're ahead of.

I mean I'd obviously like us to get a goal or two to make sure, but right now we're safe.

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