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[Archived] BRFCS Player of the Season


Who is your player of the season   

277 members have voted

  1. 1. Player of the season

    • Jake Kean
    • Grant Hanley
    • Scott Dann
    • Colin Kazim Richards
    • Jordan Rhodes
    • David Dunn
  2. 2. Manager of the Season

    • Steve Kean
    • Eric Black
    • Henning Berg
    • Gary Bowyer
    • Michael Appleton
    • None of the above
  3. 3. Goal of the Season

    • Dunn's undeserved, injury time, blatantly offside scuff against Burnley
    • Not Dunn's undeserved, injury time, blatantly offside scuff against Burnley

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Rhodes's goals won't easily be replaced, but neither will Dannley, for me. Nor Lowe, in a sense. Similarly Peds. If nothing else reliable when needed. And many weren't.

For 'seeing' a game, Gary Bowyer. But mainly Michael Appleton. For turning the tide, bringing in two central midfielders who could do a job and for that game at the Emirates. Result of the season, surely.

You mean taking a side that had started motoring under Bowyer first time round , completely wrecking its balance and style of play, replacing Todd Kane with Orr, signing on the whole a load of rubbish and sending us from looking at a play off push into a headlong spiral towards a near second successive relegation?

Rhodes and Bowyer. There surely can't be any real debate about that.

As for goal of the season Dunn's presumably won it for sentimental reasons and because of who it was against, but I didn't think it was a particularly memorable goal per se. Rochina's solo effort against Bristol City when he beat half their side then went back and did it again was clearly the outstanding effort for me in an otherwise very thin season for memorable moments.

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In fairness, Berg conceded 18 goals in his 10

games, in Appleton's first 10 he conceded 9. Having said that we conceded 2 in 4 games under Bowyer in between, so maybe you can thank him for the defensive improvement too.

That last bit is the point I was making. There was no tide left to turn around. We'd just won three in four, THAT was our form.

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We managed 55 goals this season and Rhodes scored 29. Cant argue with that.

Dann and Hanley have been woeful. How many headed goals have we conceded for a start.

I'd rather have Peacock and Dailly - and im not kidding.

Incredibly harsh on Hanley. He's been very good his year. I'd be looking to buy him an experienced partner in the summer and have Dann as backup.

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