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[Archived] Pre Season Friendlies


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Also ruled out City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs, Inter, Juve, Barca, Real, Galaxy, Liverpool, Olympiakos, Everton, Bayern.

Anyone in Championship or below also ruled out.

Galatasaray are at the Emirates on 4th August.

Still plenty of options left I guess, e.g. Dutch or Portugeuse, I suppose. But you know it's going to be crap. Maybe an 'XI' side from the PL.

I don't know why they bother with this build up.

EDIT: just spotted the PL oppo bit. Very disillusioned. :(

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After last years bad preseason everyone reckoned it didnt matter, after all when we had won the league we had a bad preseason. Whilst winning the games isnt that important the preparation is and if we are to get anywhere this season we need a good preason to get us going.

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Well done Stu. But you get the picture, shagnew will not have that much in the way of Premiership connections.

There must be a PNE link.

Be interesting to see who it is. Hope there's not a big arrangement fee involved in bringing whoever to Ewood got to watch the pennies after needlessly paying ex managers out

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Is it an "Everton XI" or their reserves?

Because they are due to be in Cape Town on 24th July


And Miami on 31 July


Um according to that Everton are already playing on the 27th V Ajax cape town.

Prestigious used to mean Barca.......

Not everton Ressies.

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It doesn't look like they're going to America until after they play us. No mention of Ajax Cape Town on there.

They're cutting it fine, playing us on the Saturday then jetting to Florida and playing 3 days later in a tournament but fair enough.

I've no appetite at all for this game though.

If ever there was a match to have a zero attendance boycott at, it's this "glamour-tie curtain raiser".

No real need to "get behind the boys" for this one.

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I wouldn't mind going to the newly booked friendly in Portugal. Been to Portimao/Praia da Rocha a couple of times and enjoyed it. The football ground is right in the middle of Portimao. Trouble is, Rovers were supposed to be playing Rochdale that day. So which game is going to be the official one?

Let's not have another Southport/Fleetwood situation again.

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