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[Archived] Postcard from Pune-Summer 2013

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Just thought we could get ready for the new pantomime season in a separate thread rather than mix it all up in a load of other threads.Shelfmeister and Puddy Cat have been there a day now so lets see what crap is revealed post the Berg Case , our pre season build up, comings and goings and financial disaster update etc etc

We are long overdue a bulletin from the maternity ward from Venkytash or have they just discovered the baby is a baz tard??

How is the Visa race going on and is the transition complete yet ? -question for Shebbysh1te.

The countdown to our first(and only) season ticket sale starts here too.Follow via Groupon.com

And is there any truth in the rumour that the team will use shirts off the Trust website next season as negotiations are underway for that website to replace the Club Shop?

Not long to wait now for another torrent of bilge to hit the airwaves.

And in our new ''Your Favourite Shebby Quote'' competition we will be giving away a pair of Shebby Specs and a Visa to 5 lucky winners and ''You kno Robbie T Shirts'' to the runners up .

All coming soon on this thread!!! Visit again soon.

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