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[Archived] Only in Clitheroe

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Silly man, he should have caused the damage at Ewood and made sure it cost the club over a million and a half, then they would have give him a seat on the board rather than sacked him

When you put it like that the hypocrisy is palpable.

Maybe he should have found some legal eagle to try to pin it on one of his friends, to avoid any consequences. He could have said one of his them had 'gone rogue'. His friend wouldn't have minded being @#/? on provided he was enough of a doormat, with no other prospects of friendship with anyone else.

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The seat was probably ripped out by the dingles after Dunny 'stuck it up em' on 95 minutes, so he's a bit of a prat taking it home with him really.

If it was a 'seat' and I use that term loosely, from the land that time forgot I could understand it, plenty of people have those, but a seat from Ewood?


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Guest Norbert

That's definately not him at all! He is a real hardcore Rover. I still remember the shell shocked expression after the 5-0 tonking we got off Coventry at Highfiled Road. It was almost like he found out one of his family had died. And him cheering when Shearer scored in one of the home stands surrounded by bin dippers.

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