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RIP Wozaup (was BLESMA Charity Football Match)


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Just a polite notice that if you are unable to attend the Legends game for whatever reason, or if you fancy seeing a match at Ewood before the summer, then there is a Charity game taking place on Thursday night in aid of BLESMA (British Limbless Ex Service Men's Association).

There will be two teams of fans with a couple of ex-rovers thrown in for good measure, taking to the field in what should make for an entertaining game. The concourse is open for refreshments and Blues Bar will also be open after the game.

Tickets are £5 each (unders 2's FOC) and are available on the door between 18:30 and 18:45 (time restriction due to the cost of stewarding). Free parking is available in Car Park H.

All proceeds go to BLESMA and it would be good to raise as much as we can for our ex service men and women.

Thank you for your time.

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Hi there,

This is a great charity. Ill be there on the night! To support soldiers and ex soldiers who have lost limbs or eyes in a time of onflictor otherwise.

Shame there wasn't more publicity! May of gone under the radar because of he legends match!

Get down and support this worthy cause

See you Thursday

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Finished 6 vs 1 to the home side, a great night of footy and hopefully lots of money raised for a worthy cause.

Should have been 6-0, but a rare mistake from Big Col gifted them a goal and took away my clean sheet ;)

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Thanks Stuart.

I found the news out on match day, so I had to put a brave face on!

It was quite a surreal experience knowing whilst watching the lads kick the leather about.

I think the night was a glowing success, a few hiccups which was understandable considering I am living in the Hospice now.

But the night,event would never of happened if it was not for the players and the supporters.

My heart felt thank you goes out to you lads, god bless yas

"ya did good guys"



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I can't imagine what you are going through, fella.

The fact that you carried on with the match is a testament to you, mate. That takes some serious mettle. Fair play to you.

It's times like this that the messageboard reaches out to you and slaps you in the chops. A kick-in-the-@#/? reminder that we are all real human beings.

I love you, brother Rover.

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All the best Warren, I removed a link to the telegraph article as I wasn't sure if you wanted people to link your real world self to your username if that makes sense :)

Needless to say if there's anything I can do or anyone at BRFCS to help sort next years event just say the word

Edited by Tom M
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